Tuesday, June 3, 2014

spring haven 2014

we just spent our weekend at spring haven. one of my favorite weekends of the year. no cell service, no electronics, no sleeping, and just lots of family, food, and visiting. the other thing i like about spring haven is that there really aren't clocks anywhere, so the concept of time almost doesn't exist. and maybe that makes it go by more quickly. i don't know. either way, it's always a good time.

these three loved playing together. every morning they were excited that they got to play together again all day long. they were troopers too. they went to bed late and got up when they usually do. they definitely let their mamas know when it was time for naps during the day.

saturday, the traditions were the same. most of the women/girls worked out after a big sourdough pancake breakfast and then we all did family history. the guys went golfing or shooting guns and then everyone met back at the house for dinner and the talent show.

luckily, brooklyn performed her talents without any hesitation. i was really thinking she wouldn't do it because she acted pretty shy with several people all weekend. but she surprised me and got up there and 'read' her story (the napping house) and sang her song (i know heavenly father loves me). james and i were so proud of her.

the rest of the talent show was entertaining as usual. this picture is of addie knowing and singing all of the words the reynolds family sang. it was too cute!

the talent show wouldn't have been complete without 'farmer tan' by all the adult 'kids'. it's my favorite and always will be!

sunday, we had our usual family church/testimony meeting and then family pictures afterwards.

^^^it's been FOREVER since all 6 of us were at the same family event.^^^

and we had to get one of all of the girls with child.

^^^girl-sept. boy-aug. girl-june. boy-june.^^^

after pictures, everyone hustled to the kitchen to get sunday dinner ready. it takes an army to feed an army.

dinner was delicious. everyone spread out throughout the house to take naps, visit, and enjoy the beautiful views outside. it was so nice! however, during our nice relaxing time, we watched a swan fight. i've never seen anything like it. not fun to watch. i'm not sure i'll ever look at swans the same again. crazy!

the baby swans sure were cute though.

we don't know how much longer we'll be able to keep up this tradition, so we're definitely hanging on to every second we have there. spring haven has been such a great getaway for our big family. we all look forward to it and it's always exciting to bring a new member of the family. we might end up resorting to tents and campers just so we can keep the tradition alive.

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and we can hardly believe it, but we've made it to 36 weeks! exciting exciting!

h a p p y  t u e s d a y 


baby month to us!

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