Wednesday, May 28, 2014

in her pool.

now that it's 'unofficially' officially summer over here, and the heat to prove it, brooklyn has taken to wanting to be outside in the 'summertime' as much as she can. she was in her pool three different times today. once with a swimming suit, and twice she did a little skinny dipping. 

she was more than thrilled when her daddy got home from work and agreed to put on his swim trunks and get in with her. she loved every second.

he was even a good sport and let her pour bucket after bucket of water on him. cold water. ha! 

he didn't have class, but he did have a group project to work on that took him about two hours. brooklyn was sad to have just to hang with me for the evening. so, i sat her down and showed her pictures of herself from 'the summer at seven peaks' when she was just one year old. she loved looking at herself as a tiny little baby and playing in the water. i was hoping to get her excited because we get to go tomorrow! it definitely worked.

when james finished his project, the three of us headed out to the tramp with blankets and ice cream sandwiches to just wind down for the night. james and i sat and relaxed and brooklyn ran circles around us. it was nice and warm out so we really didn't need the blankets, but brooklyn loved stopping every so often to plop down right in the middle of us and snuggle in for a sec. 

it was a good night. a good night with some horrible cell phone selfies. enjoy.

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