Monday, November 21, 2016

ichabod + chocolate waffles 2016

over conference weekend and after kayla did our family pictures saturday evening (and after the priesthood session), i whipped up some chocolate waffes, topped them with ice cream, and we snuggled up to watch "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow". or as we call it simply, ichabod. brooklyn was more anxious than ever for this tradition this year and kendall asked to watch ichabod fifty times the next day. we loved having kayla and judson with us for this tradition we love so much!

photo cred: kayla with her awesome camera! i should have stolen it to get a couple pics of her!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

random halloween-ish pictures!

i met my sisters at gardner village one evening so that kayla could take pictures of all the kids in their costumes. this involved a lot of sweating, jumping around, and tears to get these!

chelsea and i pulled our resources to decorate my van for the elders' quorum trunk-or-treat.

we love our backyard! here are the girls finding the biggest leaves they could to make a piled to jump in!

kendall enjoying an apple she got for free at the 'pumpkin stand' in centerville.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

halloween 2016

halloween started out with matching jammies and ghost toast (toast with marshmallow creme) while they watched room on the broom for the hundredth time. brooklyn had kendall so hyped up and excited for halloween, it made this day very long for this tired mama. 

we had a few errands to run and then we picked up the $1.99 happy meals for lunch that we get every year. my girls love this because happy meals happen once a year for them.

i had chili cooking all day and when it was finally evening, the jeremy ruesch clan joined us for a chili dinner (with chillly air to go with it!) before we all set out to go trick-or-treating.

after dinner, we headed to clinton to trick-or-treat what in my opinion is the best neighborhood on earth! plus, we got to do it with some of our favorite friends, so win-win all around!

the kids had a blast running from house to house. literally running! the adults and youngests hung back with strollers and got to chat as we went. low stress, low pressure, i'm telling you, this neighborhood is the best!

after about an hour and a half brooklyn had to go to the bathroom so we called it good. we headed home to change out of costumes and peruse the halloween candy! oh and we of course watched room on the broom one more time before halloween was officially over.

it was one of my favorite halloweens to date and i really can't imagine that next year could top it. but my hopes are up!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

those neighbors...

way back when, over labor day weekend, we had some of our favorite people over for a bbq. they're those neighbors that you grow to love, going weeks without even seeing each other, but picking right back up where you left off... and then you move away to a different city and only see them like two or three times a year, but it's still the same. we love the gasus and really miss them when we go long periods of time without seeing them.

we're sporting six kids between us now, and when we met, there were 2.7. that's a lot of change. they have three boys which works nicely for arranged marriages. darcie is my soul sista and there's never a dull moment when she's around. lee is the strong silent type but has a great sense of humor and puts up with james and me very well!

we ate and took a walk around the block. it was fun to just be with them. darcie made a delicious cake that i can't remember the name of and boy did it hit the spot and end the night on a high note. we're hoping to see them on halloween and hopefully not too long after that. we're so grateful to have lucked out to have them as our NEXT DOOR neighbors and now they won't get rid of us for life.

we love you guys!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

carving pumpkins.

carving pumpkins... you either love it or you hate it. i love it because james is a good sport about it, we can do it outside so the mess stays minimal, and my girls love it! plus, who doesn't love having glowing jack-o-lanterns on their porch for halloween night?!

brooklyn got right to carving her pumpkin, slaughtering it really, but james helped her turn it into her vision and she was thrilled with it!

kendall shocked us all and actually loved digging the guts out of the pumpkin. she did that for about ten minutes. she then wanted to help dig out my pumpkin. 

adalyn was good for most of it, but then when i was trying to carve my pumpkin, she insisted on being held, so i carved mine one handed. i'm sure that won't be the last time!

it was a beautiful night with just a little hint of chill in the air and i really wished this night wouldn't have ended. we danced, ran around the yard, and finished up our pumpkins all too quickly.

these kind of traditions with my little family warm my heart and literally leave me bursting with joy. 

Thursday, October 20, 2016

paintin' pumpkins!

brooklyn couldn't hardly wait the three days she did from the time we bought some pumpkins until the day we painted them. she comes by it honestly though...oops! when the night finally came, she couldn't contain her excitement at all. she danced around all day and told me exactly how she was going to paint her pumpkin.

we had ellie over to join us, and those three girls went to town on those pumpkins. it kept them solidly entertained for over half an hour.

adalyn was just happy to watch the little artists.

i didn't get a picture of the final product but you should know they were fabulous!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

black island farm 2016

our love for black island farms runs deep! but you know this. every year when labor day rolls around i'm scavenging the internet for deals on tickets. then after they're purchased, we impatiently wait until we finally get to go!

we've usually gone with family and that makes it fun! this year we didn't go until into october and it's never been that cold! luckily, they have some killer hot chocolate that warmed us up. both of my older girls really loved it this year! it was such a blast!

group pics are so hard these days!