Monday, October 2, 2017

black island farms!

let the fall traditions commence!!!

oh man, this time of year gets me so dang excited for all of the things!!! black island farms is always at the top of the list and we were chomping at the bit to get out there this year!

adi just didn't know how much fun she was going to have...or how much kettle corn she was going to get to eat...

it was so fun to have my FIL join us this year. he's gone with us once before this, and we've been counting down the years until he got to come with us again!

as per usual, as soon as we got our wrist bands, we hopped on the flat bed to go out and pick our pumpkins! the ride out there was a little breezy, but NO mosquitoes which is a big deal! there was only two other families with us so our round trip was pretty fast.

the older girls had big hopes for their pumpkins and they couldn't wait to choose theirs all by themselves. kendall found hers pretty quickly and named it sticker. she cracks us up!

brooklyn wanted a HUGE one and she got it!

adi got to hang with nana while we all picked pumpkins. her daddy made sure to find her a good one! i'm sure she'll love getting out there next year to pick her own!

the courtyard games, slides, and races were next. we basically ran from one thing to the next. the girls just so excited for the next activity. they loved the slides, turkey races, the corn kernel box, the cow/pig train, and the bounce house. they were grinning from ear to ear the whole time. adi sat on my MIL's lap and ate kettle corn literally the whole time we spent in the courtyard. she coudn't get enough!

i love the changes in this picture every year! the girls are growing like weeds though.. and it's so sad, but so fun all at the same time!

i have to mention again how lucky i am (and the girls!) that james loves this stuff as much as we do. he looks forward to it, makes it extra fun for the girls, and with an attitude like that, makes doing things like this SO much easier for me! he really is the best and i couldn't ask for better!

when it was time to head out, we stopped to get some free pumpkins james won and also a butternut squash! we caved and let the girls each choose a tiny pumpkin. adalyn didn't let hers go the whole way home.

until next year black island farms!!! 


if you're interested in going to black island farms...don't pay full price. this next sunday October 8th at midnight, they post discounted tickets for all the things we did! it's totally worth staying up late for the discount. but beware, they sell out fast! like by 4:45 AM!

Saturday, September 23, 2017

the fairytale festival

brooklyn and kendall dressed up as jasmine and anna, we threw a cute little fluffy dress on adalyn, and we were off to the fairytale festival! we look forward to this every year, and luckily this year, it wasn't piping hot outside, and my mother in law got to join us.

right off the bat we ran into one of kendall's favorite characters, maleficent! i'm not kidding, she loves/hates the villains in movies. she couldn't hardly stand to wait to get a picture with her and even hold her staff! a total highlight for her!

we hit the jackpot and were able to get pictures with almost every princess in the first fifteen minutes. the girls loved this part!

i'd say adalyn's favorite princess is moana. when she hears any song from the soundtrack come on, she loses it and can't help but dance and try to sing along. we could not get her to look away for this picture!

then it was time for snacks and activities. you buy tickets, and each booth or activity is a certain amount of tickets, like a carnival. the girls couldn't get to each one fast enough! and adalyn was happy to sit on nana's lap and eat lots of treats!

they definitely took it up a notch this year with organization and activity choices, and i'd say there were even more characters around. it's a pretty inexpensive family activity, so if you're in the bountiful/centerville area middle of september, i'd say this one is worth the visit. my girls had such a fun day! they loved having their nana there and their daddy is such a good sport with these kind of things and totally makes it even better for them. we lucked out having him around i tell ya!

and by the end, we all felt like this...

Friday, September 15, 2017

around these parts...

we've been enjoying the veggies from our garden and swinging outside now that's not super hot!

for FHE a couple weeks ago, kendall begged me to make a chocolate cake (that she helped with) for our treat. so we did!

brooklyn participated in the 1st grade Fair Share at school. the kids were supposed to make something completely on their own that they could share with the whole 1st grade and their families. brooklyn chose to make a fairy house and spent hours painting it, adding glitter, and a lot of cute little touches to it. she was so proud of herself and i was proud of her too!

i died laughing when i saw this picture brooklyn snapped of james and i during our sunday nap. she thought it was hilarious too!

all three girls went to the dentist and all three were cavity free! phew!

so we celebrated with ice cream...

brooklyn decided to give soccer a go this season and she was super excited that nana got to come watch one of her games!

we did one last night swim at my in-laws and then ended the with some hot cocoa. we've loved being able to go over and swim whenever we want all summer!

i get to go help in brooklyn's classroom occasionally and i loved being on the parent side of the classroom. she was so excited to have me there and kendall loved playing with the toys and meeting brooklyn's classmates.

adi has been teething hard the last couple of weeks, getting 5 teeth. it's worn her right out and more than once she has fallen asleep just letting me hold her before it's even nap time. poor baby!