Tuesday, May 16, 2017

mother's day 2017.

the mother's day festivities started for me bright and early thursday morning when my girls came running into my room to tell me there was a surprise outside for me. they were so excited! james had vacuumed out my van for me and the girls had "helped". there was a sweet note and i would have been totally happy with just that as my mother's day gift, but the gifts kept coming all through the weekend.

when i went to pick the girls up from the gym day care on friday i was greeted with mother's day cards and a white carnation. again, the girls were so excited!

friday night, james headed to a fathers and sons night while i braved a reception in lehi with my girls on my own. in my haste to get out the door i forgot shoes for kendall. so once we'd made a quick little pit stop and got to the reception, all was well. i got to see one of my young women from taylorsville as a beautiful bride! i also got to see several other of my young women and my goodness how grown up they all are! five years is a long time!!! i also got to see people that i just love from our old ward in taylorsville. i wish i could have visited with them all night but again, being alone with the girls was a feat and we didn't stay long. just long enough to fill up on some delicious donuts and milk and then we hit the road. back at home we popped popcorn, put on jammies, and watched a movie until bed time.

the next morning james surprised me with a yummy (and so unhealthy!) breakfast sandwich and tall diet coke for breakfast. i was thrilled!

james was so accommodating all weekend to make sure all my wishes and wants came to be! including shopping for flowers in thirty degree weather! the girls were champs and handled it so well while i was so indecisive on my flower choices.

james was basically my flower planting slave as i told him where things should go and why and he just dug and planted without complaint. ha ha, i think he'll only agree to doing that once a year!

after a few more projects, we decided on chinese takeout for dinner and then james sent me on my way to go get a manicure. i felt so spoiled! i always paint my own nails (if you haven't hopped on the shellac hack train, get on board!) so having someone else do it was sooooo nice!

when i got home, it was fire + mallows time. the girls have been begging to do this since february so it was nice to finally just do it!

it was oh so sticky but oh so fun! and i loved teaching brooklyn how to roast a perfect mallow!

we had to trap addi because she just wanted right into the fire pit, so that was quite a busy job. she loved getting little tastes of everyone's mallows.

the next morning, actual mother's day, james taught the girls how to make crepes. i listened to him oh so patiently let them help him mix them up. and they were delicious! 

the primary children sang to the moms in relief society and i just loved seeing brooklyn's bright smile up there singing every word. it made my mama heart so proud!

after church, james grilled burgers, we ate, and then i got to take a glorious nap!

afterwards, we went over to see james's mom and visit with family. then we headed up to the temple for a little walk. it was a beautiful evening and we were surprised to not see the masses of people that are usually up there on sundays.

we ended the night with no bake cookies and watching a show together. all day i felt so grateful for my little family and all of the little acts of service i was spoiled with all weekend. i also remembered how i felt all those years ago on mother's day before brooklyn was born. it was such a hard day for me. i made it a point to keep other women who are in similar situations now in my mind and heart all weekend. i hate that infertility and loss has to be a part of anyone's lives. it's a trial that is still so so tender to me. i just want to throw my arms around those women and be able to tell them that everything will be ok and that it just isn't fair. but since i can't, i want to say that here. i want them to know that i haven't forgotten that pain. i want them to know that they are not forgotten. 

i am so grateful for my three beautiful rainbow babies and for my five little angels in heaven that i can't wait to meet someday!


a couple of years ago, brooklyn made up 'sister's day' as a holiday we celebrate the day after mother's day. she didn't skip a beat this year and even made a card just for her sisters at school. we celebrated with slushies from sonic and their choice of movie + dance party. their dad even took them (minus adalyn) to their favorite restaurant for dinner. even though it's a silly little made up holiday, i hope it's something they continue celebrating. i hope they plan fun things and get together for 'sister's day' even after they're all grown up.

brooklyn lined their matching shoes up and took this picture as a 'reminder of sister's day'. i thought it was just too cute!

and now we look forward to adalyn's birthday (how?!), spring haven, and the official beginning of summer. we are counting down the days!!!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

may so far.

as soon as we got home from hawaii, we've been checking off a to-do list that's a mile long. projects that we've either been putting off since we moved into our house or projects that needed to wait until now. ugh. i feel like we've been running running running. but amidst all the crazy to-do list chaos, i've tried really hard to "enjoy the moment". while our lives seem a little crazy, we have three little girls who are constantly putting a smile on our face (or driving us completely bonkers) and changing every single day! they're growing up right before my eyes and i'm trying so hard to hold onto these tender little years.

adalyn has officially been walking for a couple of weeks now. she literally tries to run everywhere! she wants to keep up with her big sisters so badly! she's also learned the art of emptying cupboards and drawers. but look at that face!

a few sundays ago my parents hosted some family for sunday dinner and it was so fun to have some one on one time with these special people. adalyn loved my grandpa! this picture is one i'll treasure forever. he's rubbing her hand on his whiskers and she was giggling so hard. a heart melter!

james has been so good lately and has gone into work a little later than usual so that i can sleep a little longer. that little walker up there is a horrible sleeper! the girls love having him around in the morning. he loves it too.

our friends hosted a cinco de mayo party last week that was so fun and oh so delicious! you can't go wrong with mexican food. i took on the daring task of making a cake from scratch i'd never made before. a mexican chocolate cake to be exact. everyone was really nice to try it. the kids enjoyed a pinata and the adults enjoyed the virgin margaritas!

after that party, adalyn and i packed up and headed to another party with my mom and sisters in park city. it was haley's birthday and we decided last minute to have a little sleepover. we didn't get a group picture and i'm still so sad about it!

so is addi...

no, she loved being there with her cousin bridger and being the only kids around. they were spoiled.

then saturday, it was back home and back to the grind. between a little painting, swamp cooler, and sprinkler nonsense, we've spent a good deal of time at lowe's. not fun, but we can't wait to have these projects done!

brooklyn is always (and i'm not kidding) coming up with ideas, crafts, games, party ideas, and really anything creative and usually messy every second of every day. the other day she set up a tea party in the front room and her little sisters were so excited about it, they may have accidentally ruined it. which made her sad, but she was so patient and decided they could just take over instead. it really was the sweetest.

kendall's potty training is going well. for the most part she doesn't have accidents. however, if i'm off my game and make her wait too long, or take her to the park and forget to ask her if she has to go, then we're unsuccessful. but she really is doing a great job and surprising us at night by staying dry! yay keni!

adalyn's birthday is only like two weeks away (i've shed tears over it already!) which means summer is kicking off too! we've got our summer bucket list in rough draft form and seriously can't wait for all the adventures we'll have. we couldn't wait another second to break out the popsicles and let addi have her first taste. she was thrilled, and covered in root beer popsicle from head to toe.

may is wrapping up seriously so quickly, so here's to finishing off our never ending to-do list, kissing these babies of mine ten more times a day, and dreaming of those care free summer days full of sticky popsicles and that good ol sunshine!

Sunday, April 30, 2017

kindergarten program.

how on earth did we get here?

an end of year kindergarten program? for my oldest child? how? i thought all of these things on friday morning when i woke up, knowing today was that day. this past school year has flown! i found myself getting super emotional as i watched this big girl sing loud and proud at her end of year program. i don't think my heart can handle her going to school all day next year. i really don't. luckily, she is so so excited about that so hopefully that'll ease the pain for me.

(can you spot her?!)

she has loved her teacher, mrs. holbrook, and has loved her class. she was devastated to find out that they won't all be moving on to first grade together. i'm sure by september, she'll be very excited about meeting new friends and learning from a new teacher.

her little sisters think she's the best and i know they'll always be in her cheering section!

they really and truly love each other and seeing them together like this makes my heart explode!

she was lucky enough to have her nana & papa, and her aunt toria there. even more lucky than that, is that they just moved into their house down the street from us. she couldn't be more thrilled about it and asks to see them every. day. 

because she did so well in her program and kendall is killing the potty training, the girls thought they deserved donuts. so, in the snow, we made the trek to the store to get donuts and then settled in for the rest of the drizzly day with movies and a painting party. they loved it. and so did i.

this day caused me to stop and do some serious reflecting. we're almost six years into raising our children. are we doing it right? what needs to change? what are my hopes and dreams for them? what do i want this little family of mine to look like in ten years? is everyone happy to be in this little family? how can i be a better mother? all those big questions that are so important to me that i revisit often. i have big big hopes and dreams for this little girl crew of mine, and whoever else comes along in the future, and i want to be doing things right and to the best of my ability right now. i have a very tender mama heart and i know these years are going to keep flying right past me and i've got to grab on and make them the best that i possibly can! we're in the thick of it. it's game time and i'm so lucky to have this little team! 

and right now, i'm so super proud to be this cute little kindergartener's mom. i couldn't be more proud!