Saturday, November 4, 2017

sister snapshot //

brooklyn // age 6

you are so responsible at the age of 6! i love you for that! you love helping me with your little sisters and you especially love helping me with cooking. cleaning, and helping me hunt stuff down. i count down the minutes until you're home from school because i miss you so much! you thrive on social interaction and 'doing fun things!' you love school and i'm so glad you're excited to go every day. you do well in school and are becoming such a good reader. i've been so proud of you lately because you've been so willing to try new foods. but you're still a picky eater. you are a good sister, daughter, cousin, and friend. you love going over to nana and papa's without me. you happy cry and sad cry during movies and it's adorable. you are so tender hearted! i'm afraid you're trying to grow up on me way too fast!

kendall // age 3

oh my little kendall kate! you make me laugh every day and sometimes want to cry just as much. you have the biggest personality and an imagination to go with it. every day you wake up telling us you're something or someone different. sometimes it's a dog, a cat, a unicorn, a mermaid, or the character of the show you watched the day before. we love it and you so darn much! you tell us, "i'm not a fan of that," or, "i don't love that." it makes us smile every time. you are starting to become more social and love going to nursery, play school, and anywhere that your sisters or cousins are. you also love going to nana and papa's and dressing up in daddy's old batman costume nana made for him, but you call it your crow costume. you claim to be maleficent's bird diablo. what other kid knows the name of that bird?! you are still quite a picky eater and stick to your favorites. right now you love chicken nuggets with honey mustard. i love that you never fight me on what you're wearing for the day and you could care less how i do your hair. for the most part you're easy going, just not when you're tired or hungry. i wish i could freeze you at 3 forever!

adalyn // 18 months

adi jac you are a little firecracker! you are determined and strong willed like no child i've ever seen. even more so than your big sisters. they love you so much (so do mommy and daddy)! you won't talk, even though we know you can. when music comes on you can't help but wiggle those hips and sing along. you love both sets of grandparents so much! you are my best eater. you'll always try what i give you and sometimes even take a few bites before you decide you don't like it. you love getting in the tub, sometimes twice a day. we've had to limit that due to some horrible eczema you've gotten and it's made you so sad. your my first to love baby dolls at such a young age. you carry them around wrapped in clothing items you find around the house, or push them in the baby stroller. speaking of stroller, every night at bedtime you grab your blanket and head for the side door. i walk you around in your stroller to get you to sleep. i'm not sure what we'll do when the snow comes. you give the best loves and kisses! you wave at random strangers while we're out and about and you get the best reactions from it. sleep is a struggle for you and i'm hoping that changes soon! you are such a little light in our house and we love the pitter patter of your cute little feet.

Friday, November 3, 2017

halloween 2017.

halloween is a mother's marathon. am i right? but it totally ends up being worth it and watching your kids make memories is just the icing on top.

we started off nice and early at brooklyn's school halloween parade and sing-along. kendall and adalyn probably loved it more than brooklyn did.

(brooklyn's cute first grade class!)

then it was errands and picking up happy meals for $1.99. we even ran one up to brooklyn for lunch.

then it was home for naps for the girls, and prep time for me. i got the chili made, table set up, a few little decorations, everyone's costumes laid out, and then waited for brooklyn to come home. we put on some halloween songs and waited for our guests.

my mother in law and the jeremy ruesch clan joined us for chili and dry ice fun!

after dinner we rushed out the door to start trick-or-treating. we did a few houses in our ward and then headed up to clinton to the best neighborhood EVER to trick-or-treat with with the gasu family.

the kids loved going door to door, filling their buckets with candy, and getting to hang out together. the adults love chatting when we can and watching our little ones have "the best night of their life!"

adalyn melted hearts in her elephant costume. with her cute little wave after a treat was dropped in her bucket, and her wagging little tail as she ran away, james and i were told numerous times how darn cute she was. 

brooklyn and shane! friends since they were 18 months old!

kendall and ellie both tripped more than once but they always perked right back up and kept on trick-or-treating.

kendall got to see maleficent and it made her night!

once we got back to our stopping point, the kids sat down to scope out their buckets. they were so excited to eat their favorite things!

we said our goodbyes and headed home for bountiful, with a quick stop at nana and papa's, where nana made kendall's night again with her maleficent costume. kendall immediately wanted to put on her 'crow' costume so she could be maleficent's bird diablo. that girl!

another halloween down and so glad it was a good one! we're still eating candy and i'm finally over the crazy day that is halloween. and my girls are already looking forward to next year. oh to be a kid again!

we lit our jack-o-lanterns one more night so the girls could see them for more than two seconds. soon they'll be kicked off the porch and we'll enjoy the break from all the decor until christmas comes!

Monday, October 30, 2017

carving pumpkins

carving pumpkins, carving pumpkins
it's time for halloween...

sunday was sooo warm! we had invited james' parents over for dinner and decided it would be a shame to eat inside. we had roast, potatoes & carrots (from the garden), corn, rolls, and pumpkin + brown sugar muffins for dessert. the mosquitoes also enjoyed that we ate outside. they were out in full force!

after dinner, we got to carving! the jeremy ruesch clan joined us and it was a fun fall evening spent together.

brooklyn + kendall loved digging the guts out of their pumpkins and dreaming up what they wanted carved into these pumpkins they chose with such care!

they both decided they wanted kitties. james quickly carved kendall's and she loved it, and my father in law carved brooklyn's and spent a ton of time on it! it turned out pretty awesome.

the kids mostly played while the adults did all the carving. it got chilly and dark quickly, but we adults enjoying getting to visit.




and i know you're dying to see mine...what can i say? i'm traditional, and usually carving mine as fast as i can.

happy halloween eve!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

fall break + the zoo

brooklyn had fall break last week and was not thrilled to wake up thursday and find out she didn't have school. that girl! but i told her that we were going to the zoo, her daddy included, and that helped. she loves when we do things altogether as a family. it was a great afternoon!

kendall scored her favorite animal on the carousel. 

we loved riding the train, seeing the lions up super close, and looking at all the fun halloween decorations.

the next morning, while james worked from home, we got out of the house and went to story time at the library. we lucked out with the topic for the day being ghosts. right up kendall's alley! both the older girls loved it, and adalyn hated being stuck in the stroller. i made it up to her by letting her have a sucker that was part of the ghost craft for the day.

that night was the ward trunk-or-treat and a great pre-halloween run on the girls' costumes. they were so excited to wear them and find out they got to do a little trick-or-treating. there were soups and bread galore, but the girls were excited about the candy. we have a great ward and the turnout was impressive.

we spent the rest of the weekend getting our house back in order and then enjoying the most beautiful sunday.

we ended the weekend visiting james' grandma at a rehab center. she just had her second knee replacement. she was thrilled to see the girls and they loved getting to have one on one time with her.


we've gone to the zoo almost every week this month. my girls love it, i love that it wears them out, and the weather has been too good not to!

october has been so good to us, it's sad to see it go, but i can't help be so excited for thanksgiving and christmas!