Sunday, January 14, 2018

beating those january blues...

james and i decided the week after christmas break that we wanted to have a few fun things planned so that january didn't feel so gloomy and depressing. one of those things we planned was making slime. brooklyn has begged to learn how to make it, and my MIL bought basically all the essentials this summer. so i scouted out a recipe and we planned a night to do it. 

the girls loved it! i really didn't expect them to love it as much as they did. even adi got into it. this was definitely one of those things that i put off as long as i could, but then realized how easy (and fun) it was and i'd be happy to do it again the next time the girls ask.

the first sunday of the new year brought fun advancements in our house: brooklyn moved up a ctr class, kendall is a sunbeam, and adalyn is still in nursery. they were so excited and all day (we have 1 o'clock church now) and could hardly wait to get to church! they were even more excited when we got to sacrament meeting and extra family members were there for baby liam's blessing. kendall sat with great-grandma bernella the whole time, brooklyn sat with aunt toria, and adalyn loved being with her nana.

i've tried really hard the last two weeks to make some yummy dinners for my little family. one of them was especially a hit, this skillet lasagna. my girls usually don't eat red sauce very well but all three of them gobbled this right up! we had green beans and garlic bread on the side.

friday afternoon, i was all set up and ready to watch president monson's funeral and then our lovely antenna wasn't working. i hurry and turned on the radio so i could at least listen to it. adalyn's nap time hit right about then, so i loaded the girls in the van so that i could multitask. we drove up towards the temple and what a beautiful moment that was! president uchtdorf was speaking, the clouds opened up to a beautiful blue sky, and warm sun enveloped our van...such a peace came over me. i had already been emotional during parts of the funeral, and i couldn't hold back the tears. i slowed to a stop to gather myself and snap this picture.

i'm so grateful for those few short moments. i'm also grateful for that dear prophet we remembered that day. what a special incredible man! i came away determined to be and do better after hearing so much good about him and his wife.

james was a good husband and daddy and took the girls (ALL BY HIMSELF) down to the church history museum because i wasn't feeling very good. they had a great time! i'm so grateful for a husband that is capable of doing these kind of things, and wants to do them. the girls love spending time with him and he is definitely the fun parent in our home.

we're looking forward to an extra long weekend with no work or school! and hopefully there'll be a little fun and a little bit of organizing. january hasn't been too bad and i really can't believe we're already half way through!

Thursday, January 4, 2018

back to the grind...

it felt so good getting christmas down and put away. lucky for me, james had the 2nd of january off! so he took the younger two (brooklyn had school) over to his parents' so i had no one making messes as i tried to clean them up. as soon as i got home from the gym, i hit the ground running and had everything done in less than two hours.

oh it felt so good!!!

i couldn't part with everything off my fireplace mantel, so i left enough up just to look wintry.

after brooklyn got home from school we headed to the theater to watch ferdinand. i spent most of the movie out in the hall with adi, but the girls enjoyed it. they were excited about it all day and it was a great way to end our break. that and pizza.


the theme we've chosen for the year is simple but something i need reminding of all the time:

last year's theme was make it happen, and i feel like i did a pretty good job of that. especially with the little things in my day. i hope that good better best will be the same.

i look forward to finding a new planner every year more than one should, and i was so excited to find this cute one for less than ten dollars! planners are my jam and it makes our sunday night weekly planning so much more functional! (as leslie knope once said,"jammin' on ma planner!")

i've also loved the big calendars from target (the dollar spot no less!) to hang in my kitchen and to help me see the whole month at a time.

we're back to real life and back to routine and i can tell the girls are happy about it. adalyn slept through the night the first two nights we were home. i think she was happy to be back in her own bed! brooklyn couldn't wait to get back to school to see her teacher and friends. kendall got to have play school at our house and she loved being back in her element with all those boys! james and i are hoping to have some fun things planned to beat the january blues and we're also looking forward to one o'clock church this year so we can bring back sourdough pancakes on sunday mornings. life is good and our hearts and hands are so full!

come at us 2018, we are so excited for you!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

new year's eve! quickly wrap up the very end of 2017...

james and i celebrated our anniversary by going to a movie, the greatest showman, easily in my favorite top 5, sitting down to watch our wedding day dvd with our girls, and then dinner at the mandarin of course. my mother in law and tori were so nice to take them so we could do all of our outings without kids. it was such a fun day just the two of us!

and we lucked out finding this tree in bountiful while driving around looking at lights aka getting adi to sleep. the girls are obsessed with it, especially kendall. she said we need to see it 5 nights!


two days later was my birthday and it ended up being a great day! i went to the gym with chelsea (who also drove me, AND took me to lunch at the cheesecake factory), i got to go shopping, to swig, to get my nails done, and go to target all by myself! there was also some cafe rio in there for lunch and then a drive up to coalville. we all left the kids with babysitters and the adults went for a late night dinner at denny's in park city. it was so fun to be together! especially because dev and kenz were in town for the holidays. my girls loved being with them and all of their cousins over the break. we ate delicious food, including homemade rolls twice (thanks mom!). watched lots of football, played games and dealt with a lot of chaos! 

new year's eve was pretty low key. we had a delicious spread of shrimp and dip, krab cocktail, chips and salsa, oreos, slush, and of course, sparkling cider at midnight. james got the kids into a movie and then they all went to bed. we stayed up just past midnight and then all hit the hay. it was such a great way to ring in the new year and luckily, catching up on sleep hasn't been too bad!

the next day we said goodbye to dev & kenz (and the dogs). we can't wait to see them again! we had sourdough pancakes and bacon, then it was more cousin time, a workout at the high school for the grown ups, more football, and then time to head back home. so much fun but i was so ready to get home and get christmas down and get back to the routine of life. we loved 2017 and can't wait to see what happens in 2018!

Christmas 2017!

on christmas eve, we got home a little later than we planned, but luckily the two older girls were still in good spirits (after being woken up in the van!) enough to sprinkle the reindeer food on the lawn, get a cookie plate ready for santa, and be read to before the night was done. they were so excited!

james and i stayed up watching white christmas but honestly got to bed before midnight. a huge success for us!

the next morning, we let the girls sleep as long as they would, which ended up being about 8. then we let them eat some muffins and finally dropped the sheet to reveal what santa brought!

they were so much fun this year! they got lots of things to share, they were so excited to go through their stockings, and they literally squealed with delight opening presents. it made james and i so happy!

after presents, baths, and new matching pjs on, we were ready to head to nana and papa's for the traditional breakfast of sausage souffle & pecan french toast, and to open presents of course!

kendall spilled egg nog right off the bat, so excuse her nakedness. james and jeremy entertained the kids downstairs until it was time to do presents. i love this picture james got!

we all got spoiled and enjoyed our morning together!

after everyone went their separate ways, our little family headed home so the girls could play with their toys and james and i could sit down and relax. we finished white christmas and then headed back to nana papa's for dinner and entertainment provided by the girls! they danced and danced until we called it a night and headed back home.

christmas gets better every year and the older i get the more i appreciate my own parents and the sacrifices they made on my behalf this time of year. i'm also so grateful for my Savior and the special time of year we get to celebrate because of Him. brooklyn was so sad to 'say goodbye to christmas' and i couldn't help but join her. we love the excuse to be with family, give each other gifts, and carry that warm cozy feeling with us through the christmas season. we loved it this year and the girls are already counting down to next!

Friday, December 29, 2017

christmas books!

back in november, chelsea called me with the greatest idea to read a whole bunch of christmas books together. especially those that were turned into hallmark movies. i thought it was brilliant and spent all month reading as much as i could! bless that debbie macomber and all of her christmas romance novels! there were so many we didn't get to but there's always next year! i also didn't get pictures of all of them...