Monday, July 11, 2016

our independence day.

ahh... the 4th of july. it has become one of my favorite holidays over the past couple years. maybe since i became a mom, maybe. i'm not sure, but i really get excited about it! we love fireworks around here and that's part of it, but there's also the fact that it's during the summer and that we're celebrating our freedoms and this wonderful country we live in. i really do love it!

our celebrations started saturday night...

it was year two meeting up with friends at my friend sarah's parents' home for a bbq and then fireworks at the eaglewood golf course. the kids love the bounce house, cotton candy, and endless snow cones. the adults enjoy eating, visiting, and being there with our little families.

i sure love these cute friends of mine.

we loved the fireworks! seriously, one of the best firework shows around. i'm also glad that my girls love fireworks like james and i do. 

adalyn wasn't bothered by them at all either. she ate and then slept. so nice!

i had to document the girls in their matching night gowns (that night) from nana, and adalyn sporting the one for their dolls. so cute!

monday afternoon, we kicked off the day with breakfast burritos and donuts and a little swim party in the backyard. the big girls got in the pool while fitz and adalyn enjoyed it from the sidelines. uncle jeremy suprised the girls with a ton of water balloons and a little impromptu water balloon fight. they loved it!

afterwards, we all took naps, showered up, and then met up at jeremy and chelsea's for a bbq. one of my favorite parts of the 4th is the food! we had burgers, chips and dip, empanadas (courtest of jeremy), fruit, cupcakes, and drinks. delicious. all of it!

trying to get a picture of all five of them is near impossible. we did all we could.

then it was off to kaysville for more bounce houses and fireworks.

adalyn was a champ through all the celebrating. she really was. as long as she was fed and being held, she was fine.

the boys took the girls over to the bounce houses, and chelsea and i spread out on our blankets to enjoy the evening and relax. treats were involved of course. we came prepared this year.

it was fun that adalyn was just the right size for this festive outfit her nana made for kendall two summers ago. i love it!

after the girls wore their daddies out, they joined us back at our blankets to get jammies on and then enjoy the fireworks. kaysville does the best fireworks hands down. choreographed to music, they really put on a huge show. i was so sad when they were over, but it's always fun to look forward to next year.

all of these traditions make my life so happy. sharing in these sometimes silly traditions with my little family are the icing on the already delicious cake. i hope they're traditions that they look forward to years down the road and hopefully still want to take part in. for now, they have no choice and i'm enjoying the heck out of making memories and spending these holidays all together.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

adalyn's blessing day.

adalyn jac - 

you were blessed on a hot summer day, july third to be exact. your daddy gave you the most beautiful blessing. you were surrounded by so many who love you all that day. including your big sisters, who just can't get enough of you. we are all so happy to have you in our family and we hope you love us right back. as mentioned in your blessing, you were named after grandma jackie. we love and miss her every day. you wore the same dress as your big sisters, a special gift from uncle l. tom perry and aunt barb to me when i was blessed. it's such a special dress. this day was such a special day. i hope you know how much you are loved. you are a special daughter of God, and i couldn't be luckier to be your mom.


it was so fun to share the occasion with one of my good friends. i really have been blessed with good friends here in bountiful and we'll tell these two years down the road about the day they shared.

we served a simple brunch: breakfast casseroles, fruit, butterscotch rolls, and donuts.

everyone ate and visited and then headed their separate ways. i took a nap with adalyn and it was wonderful!

later on in the evening the jeremy ruesch clan came over for some more visiting and the like. it was a day full of family and we loved it that way!

i am still giddy every morning over my three girls (3?!!!) and how blessed i truly am in this life. james is such a good support to me and he loves our girls more than i can express. i couldn't ask for more. 

Thursday, June 30, 2016

that summer bucket list!

you know i love making a summer bucket list every year. we always try and be creative with it but it ends up with the same ol' stuff every year and we don't even care! stick with what you love right?! it will be fun when the girls are old enough to come up with most of the ideas themselves. but for now, i think they're pretty happy being drug around and checking things off all summer.

seven peaks! always on the list. always a good time. so far we've only gone twice, but we're hoping to get back into the swing of things soon!

pace's in bountiful! if you haven't been, get there this summer. delicious shakes/slushies/rainbows and fun atmosphere.

pizza at the splash pad! we've done the most of this so far this summer because this suits me best as a mother of three. way easier to keep track of them there than at a pool by myself.

the pirate ship pool in bountiful! my girls love this one. super kid friendly and definitely one we can handle once a week.

taylorsville dayzz fireworks! this almost didn't happen this year due to kendall getting hand foot mouth, and then getting an infection on top of it, but last minute, we decided to do it. we're so glad we did! the girls loved it and kendall was totally fine. we've been doing this for nine years and i can't tell you how happy it made me to have my little family there (including haley. bless her for coming and helping us!), the girls dancing to the music, and then all cuddling up for the fireworks. happiest summer memory so far!

our summer bucket list isn't quite half done and we don't have much summer left! plus, we're going to be moving (more on that later!) in a few weeks and that will take up a lot of our 'fun time'. but we're determined to check everything off our list and make this another summer to remember!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

spring haven 2016

this was our sixteenth year at spring haven for my mom's family reunion. gosh i've loved this tradition. cherished it. sadly, our family is out growing it. i'm so glad brooklyn will have memories of it at least. another sad thing is that i barely took any pictures this year. although i did get some pretty special ones.

i love my grandparents and i'm so grateful for their desire for our family to do things like this so that we can create bonds and memories together,

the little ones got to bathe in the master bath tub one morning and they loved it! a big jetted tub? who wouldn't?!

spring haven is harder with a newborn and i'm grateful for willing hands to attend to and entertain my older girls. they loved spending time with cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents.

it was just like every other year: lots of eating, late late late nights, and just flat out loving being together. it's always sad when it's over, but we always say, "the 24th celebration in cokeville is just around the corner." and thank goodness! it's so hard to say goodbye to so many loved ones after such a great time spent together.

so until the 24th weekend...

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