Wednesday, October 5, 2016

right now.

// brooklyn // 5 yrs.

our big kindergartener. brooklyn loves going to school every day. she loves the social aspect and loves that she can now sound out words. i miss her while she's at school. she's my big helper! i am so grateful that she is the oldest in our family because she is nurturing, motherly, and caring. she loves her little sisters hard. she's getting really good at cleaning her room and she loves to shut her bedroom door and surprise me with a clean room (with a few things stuffed here and there, we're working on it!) she lives for 'fun' activities before and after school. she asks that every morning, "what are we doing fun today?" her favorite restaurant is still pizza pie cafe and she can basically eat a full order of radiatore drenched in alfredo sauce all by herself. she lives for playing with friends and cousins and is in full fledged boss mode. we're working on that. she can memorize and remember like nobody's business. she's memorized her scriptures and talks for primary, and is really good at memorizing songs on the radio and books at bed time. her heart is big and loyal and i love her for that. she's also started tumbling and she loves it! 

// kendall // 2 yrs.

oh kendall kate. my little drama mama. she is in the thick of her terrible two's and every day is an adventure with her. she's a little character and has us laughing, even if we're furious with her. she is getting the majority of the discipline in our home right now. she loves getting up early to eat breakfast with daddy before he leaves for work, or flip on her bedroom light and play all by herself (not brooklyn's favorite way to wake up). and she will play by herself for hours. she has a cute little imagination and can entertain herself which is a huge blessing. she has become a picky eater and i struggle daily to find healthy things she likes. thank goodness she still asks for oatmeal every morning. she is brooklyn's little copy cat but definitely has a mind of her own. being the middle child has her fighting for our attention by the end of every day. she turns on the charm and melts our hearts and it gets her a little later bedtime and another snack. we are constantly shocked at her vocabulary. she will talk your ear off if you let her. besides being super sassy, she really is a sweetheart. she doesn't like to see anyone hurt or upset. she's the first to say sorry and give a warm hug. and yes, she loves olaf. like weirdly obsessed with him lately. it cracks me up when she asks for the 'olaf song' on youtube at random times of the day. 

// adalyn // 4 mos.

this little sweetie just likes to be held all day. sometimes she's content to just lay on the floor and watch her big sisters, but usually, she's happiest in my arms. she loves to be snuggled and is still eating every 2 - 2 1/2 hours. her smiles are biggest for her big sisters when they're talking or singing to her. mornings are her favorite. she wakes up so happy! she talks and talks LOUD. i think she feels like she has to be loud in order to be heard over her big sisters. it cracks us up once she really gets going. she's strong and can sit up with a little bit of help, but she shows no interest in rolling any time soon. i gave her baby oatmeal last week and she loved it! swallowing it is still a little hard, but she's getting it. she loves to join her big sisters in the tub and doesn't even cry at me that hard when i take her out to get dressed. really, she's happy if she's fed and being held by her mom. she's a tiny bit spoiled. but man i can't help it!

photo cred // my ever patient/talented sister Kayla

Monday, October 3, 2016

james turns thirty.

last monday james finally joined me in the 30's club. crazy! now we're just two old people trying to do this adult thing. not really, thirty really isn't old. is it? we celebrated that night at pizza pie cafe with my parents and sister and ate ourselves sick. before bedtime, the girls and i sang happy birthday to him and he blew out his candles. 

he never makes a big deal out of his birthday. ever.

i gave him his birthday present early so he didn't open presents on his bday, and i felt bad. but he really doesn't care about that stuff. he's happiest being with those he loves. quality time is one of his love languages big time. i love him for that.

the rest of the week we found any excuse to continue to celebrate him. i stayed up with him and watched movies of his choice, we met him for lunch at red robin so he could get a free birthday burger, and luckily byu won that weekend. he's such a good dad and handles living with all girls very well. he goes along with all of my silly crazy ideas and would literally do anything for me if he knew it was important to me. 

we love this guy and we feel so lucky he's ours!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

first week back to school...

the first week of school at our house was exciting! every day brooklyn would wake up, eat her breakfast, make her bed, get dressed, and declare she was ready for school. unfortunately for her, school doesn't start until 12:45 (bless afternoon kindergarten!). she's slowly gotten used to going later now. but she can hardly wait to go every day!

she gets to ride to school with two other friends in our ward. not only that, but these three cute girls get to ride to school in a big red jeep. top down. it's adorable and they think it's the coolest. i'm also lucky enough that brooklyn gets a ride home most days as well. kendall misses her while she's gone, but she likes having the place 'to run' by herself. adalyn is a good little play buddy in that she doesn't take any of her toys, she doesn't boss her around, and she mostly just watches her. kendall loves it!

it's been nice to get back into a nice routine after a crazy summer of having a baby and moving (more on that later). we thrive on routine, and it's been nice to be able to still have our slow mornings for one more year until brooklyn's in full day school. 

our family has entered this next stage of life so fast! i can hardly believe i have a kindergartener! as much as i loved getting new students and learning to love them as their teacher, i prefer to be on this side of the classroom. being a mom and not a teacher is what i dreamed of for years and even though it's hard to send my little girl out into that big scary world without me, i am so excited for her! she's beyond excited, so how can i not be? she has big plans for her little life. she has so much she's looking forward to, and that helps her emotional mother be excited right along with her. 

but it's hard, and scary...

so here's to all the moms out there, sending their little ones out into world to discover and learn on their own. without us. we get to cheer them on from the sidelines and be their biggest fans! and i think the short absence makes our hearts a little fonder for them. 

Monday, August 29, 2016

back to school feast 2016

our second annual back to school feast came with much anticipation...from me! i figured by the time this rolled around we'd be in our house, organized, everything in its' place, yadayadayada... while technically we're not all those things, we are pretty darn close. the major stuff is done (besides our closet!) and i'm just doing a little bit every day while trying to keep three little girls alive. not to mention get a five year old ready to send off to school!

the theme this year comes from a talk given by president monson in the april 2014 general conference. when i started thinking about and looking for our new theme, i knew i wanted something really simple this year, but something that meant a lot. when i found this quote it hit me like a ton of bricks and i knew it was it!
(thanks googs!)

i absolutely love it and i hope that we will always have it in the back of our minds and that brooklyn might benefit from it as she goes out into the big scary world!

just like our theme, the feast itself was very simple. using the basic primary colors, and basic basic food, i threw it all together in an hour. but the girls always make me feel like it's the greatest thing in the world with their oohs and aahs. they mostly loved, just like last year, clinking their glasses together and saying cheers with the sparkling cider. 

on the menu:

bbq chicken
mashed potatoes & gravy
corn on the cob
rolls w/peach jam
pickled beans
sparkling cider
raspberry lemonade

this girl! 

the day before, i put our peach tree (that i love!) to good use and made some jam. so of course, we had to put it on our rolls. homemade jam can't be beat!

after dinner was the 'fashion show'. brooklyn's favorite part! she had a red carpet and everything. kendall loved jumping in at the end to model their new jammies.

and adalyn was such a good girl through all of it. she just goes with the flow and admires the chaos all around her. she's such a good baby!

then it was time for priesthood blessings. it's safe to say that brooklyn was almost just as excited for this as the 'fashion show'. she loves getting blessings from her dad. and kendall loves that she gets to hop up there right after her big sister and get a blessing from her daddy too.

while i can hardly believe brooklyn is heading off to kindergarten, i am so excited for her! i've been in that kindergarten classroom, i know the fun things that happen, i know the all friends she'll make, and i know she's going to love it! there might be a few mama tears shed, but man i really am so happy that she is so excited about this big new adventure she's about to start.

we ended the night with peach crisp and vanilla ice cream, watched a football movie (because byu football starts in 6 days... james has been counting down since like 100 days), and put the girls in bed. they don't realize that summer is almost technically over so i'll keep my sadness about that to myself and put on a happy face. and really, i'll be SO excited for fall once labor day comes and goes. because fall.... fall is my favorite!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

brooklyn's 5th birthday.

brooklyn's 5th birthday came in the middle of a such a chaotic time. we had half way moved into our new house, but we were still living in my in-laws home, so we were basically living in two houses. long story, but we pulled it together enough to have brooklyn's mermaid party and she loved every second.

we went swimming, she had swimming lessons, and then we all got ready for her party. she loves nothing more than having guests in our home and celebrating something. 

she wanted a mermaid party and with most of my time spent packing, i did the best i could. luckily, kayla was able to make me some cute things to take it up a notch.

we served burgers and all the trimmings and had cookies and cupcakes for dessert. it was mostly just everyone hanging out and eating. the best way to do it!

brooklyn got spoiled and loved everything she got. her fifth birthday was 'the best!'

the next day we were right back at it, packing and cleaning. luckily, a day off to celebrate our big five year old was just the break we needed!

we love you so much brooklyn jayde! you are my big helper, best big sister, and favorite shopping buddy. there is no one like you and i can't wait to see what this 5th year brings for you!

Monday, July 11, 2016

our independence day.

ahh... the 4th of july. it has become one of my favorite holidays over the past couple years. maybe since i became a mom, maybe. i'm not sure, but i really get excited about it! we love fireworks around here and that's part of it, but there's also the fact that it's during the summer and that we're celebrating our freedoms and this wonderful country we live in. i really do love it!

our celebrations started saturday night...

it was year two meeting up with friends at my friend sarah's parents' home for a bbq and then fireworks at the eaglewood golf course. the kids love the bounce house, cotton candy, and endless snow cones. the adults enjoy eating, visiting, and being there with our little families.

i sure love these cute friends of mine.

we loved the fireworks! seriously, one of the best firework shows around. i'm also glad that my girls love fireworks like james and i do. 

adalyn wasn't bothered by them at all either. she ate and then slept. so nice!

i had to document the girls in their matching night gowns (that night) from nana, and adalyn sporting the one for their dolls. so cute!

monday afternoon, we kicked off the day with breakfast burritos and donuts and a little swim party in the backyard. the big girls got in the pool while fitz and adalyn enjoyed it from the sidelines. uncle jeremy suprised the girls with a ton of water balloons and a little impromptu water balloon fight. they loved it!

afterwards, we all took naps, showered up, and then met up at jeremy and chelsea's for a bbq. one of my favorite parts of the 4th is the food! we had burgers, chips and dip, empanadas (courtest of jeremy), fruit, cupcakes, and drinks. delicious. all of it!

trying to get a picture of all five of them is near impossible. we did all we could.

then it was off to kaysville for more bounce houses and fireworks.

adalyn was a champ through all the celebrating. she really was. as long as she was fed and being held, she was fine.

the boys took the girls over to the bounce houses, and chelsea and i spread out on our blankets to enjoy the evening and relax. treats were involved of course. we came prepared this year.

it was fun that adalyn was just the right size for this festive outfit her nana made for kendall two summers ago. i love it!

after the girls wore their daddies out, they joined us back at our blankets to get jammies on and then enjoy the fireworks. kaysville does the best fireworks hands down. choreographed to music, they really put on a huge show. i was so sad when they were over, but it's always fun to look forward to next year.

all of these traditions make my life so happy. sharing in these sometimes silly traditions with my little family are the icing on the already delicious cake. i hope they're traditions that they look forward to years down the road and hopefully still want to take part in. for now, they have no choice and i'm enjoying the heck out of making memories and spending these holidays all together.