Tuesday, January 17, 2017

a new year + back to blogging

man i miss this blog. all year i was basically playing catch up and feeling like i couldn't post the day to day things that i used to love to blog about! brooklyn is at the age now where she loves to sit and look through the blog on her own. dream come true for me! but how sad will it be when kendall and adalyn want to do the same and there's hardly anything about their lives on here? it breaks my heart. so this year i am determined to keep up to date! it's so much harder to do now that i have three little ones to take care of, but luckily, james wants this updated just as much, so he's been more than willing to offer up anything he can do to help make it possible. i get giddy just thinking about doing this regularly again.

i also blame this rapidly growing babe that i JUST. CAN'T. PUT DOWN. for the lack of blogging...

on our anniversary (DEC 28TH), we've made it a tradition and priority to go to dinner and discuss our goals/theme/vision for the new year. i really love having our anniversary right before the new year because this has given us this kind of opportunity at just the right time in the year. this year was no different. we got a babysitter, kissed the girls goodbye, and headed to the mandarin here in bountiful. our favorite!

it was james who got the conversation going this year. last year, i was anxiously/nervously waiting to hear what middle name he'd picked out for our unborn babe. man that was a great moment! he couldn't have picked better, in my opinion. (in case you don't know, adalyn's middle name is jac, after my grandma jackie) he talked about things he wanted to improve on and what goals he had for our family. i did the same, and then we chose a theme... though we couldn't quite put it into words to make it a less wordy theme. then we happened to be in target a couple days later and saw a cute banner, and the words on it were perfect! so we snatched it up and it's hanging in our home as a great reminder of these goals.

i pondered long and hard about what i want my own personal goals and vision for the year to be. going back and forth thinking that i was either being too easy or too hard on myself. being a woman is hard right?! then add in there being a mother and wife and it's straight up impossible sometimes. it blows my mind how amazing those two roles are in my life, but how they bring me to my knees more than anything else. i wouldn't trade my roles as wife and mother for all the riches in the world (or donuts!), but it's HAAAARD. so i settled on some simple goals and a quote i've been trying to keep in my head constantly...

"A Mother knows that the influence of righteous, conscientious, persistent,
daily mothering is far more lasting, far more powerful, far more influential
than any earthly position or institution invented by man."

the task seems daunting, but with the help of amazing people i am lucky to be surrounded by daily, i can do it! it won't be perfect and it sure as heck most of the time won't be pretty, but i'm determined to be a better version of myself this year. so here's to a new year, a renewed hope, and a whole year ahead of things to look forward to!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

our christmas.

the girls, most especially brooklyn, could hardly wait to get their letters off to santa. brooklyn had her list very thought out for months. she also wrote out many rough drafts before she settled on her final list. everything spelled phonetically and i loved it!

kendall was a good girl and had her list down to exactly what mommy 'guided' her in telling santa.

we had no tears again this year and we didn't wait in line! this was our third year visiting santa at farmington station and i don't see us going anywhere else as long as he's going there!

it was especially fun to decorate for Christmas this year being in our new house. i use the term 'new' loosely. new to us. we live in a little old cottage here in bountiful that i absolutely love. more about that later.

instead of just putting out Christmas books in the girls' room, i put out books about snow. our Christmas book collection is huge and it sat out in the family room in a basket. the books about snow were fun for the girls because that's all they wanted to do in the month of december. they wanted to play with the snow, eat it, build snowmen out of it, make snow caves, and all the other things you do with snow. it also brought on a lot of hot cocoa requests. i can't believe, and am a little embarrassed, by how much hot cocoa was consumed.

we put together a bunch of goodie bags for james' co-workers and a few people here in town. we stayed up late doing it together and actually enjoyed ourselves. next year i think we're going to go a little more simple.

almost every night, we'd all gather in the family room to watch a Christmas movie. james and i loved it and it made us giddy when all five of us were snuggled up on the couch watching something that almost always james or myself picked out. but my favorite couch-cuddling-by-the-tree-sesh was during the first presidency broadcast. the girls were good to just sit, listen, and sip on their hot cocoa. i loved having that special spirit in my home and it always brings back memories of being a young girl and going to the church with my family to watch the broadcast.

we also did a lot of driving around looking at lights. we found a fun house in centerville that could entertain the girls forever! we'd park, everyone would hop in the back of the van, snuggle in a blanket, and enjoy the show. the girls might say this was their favorite this year!

i didn't put up half of my usual Christmas decor, because like i mentioned above, little cottage. but brooklyn and kendall loved every little piece of decor and detail. 

hanging five stockings felt surreal. it might have been my favorite thing about Christmas this year.

getting Christmas cards in the mail from friends and family is a very close second!

i'm so glad i put this big print up this year, as it became kendall's favorite song. she still sings it every once in awhile and it just melts my mama heart!

going to temple square was another highlight. we ended up going on a warmer night and the girls were in good spirits. no whining, no crying. they just flat out enjoyed themselves. 

a few days before all of the festivities started, we met dev and kayla at pirate o's to get some Christmas goodies. it was dev's first time and the girls loved having their uncle and aunt (and judson!) there too!

having three kids and trying to carry a camera around proved to be too much for me by the time we headed to coalville for our annual family party on Christmas Eve Eve. i didn't take any pictures there, nor did i take any on Christmas Eve. luckily, james got a few! mostly you should just know, that we had a blast with family and ate way too much delicious food!

we had our annual fancy Christmas Eve dinner at my parents' and i ate way too many of my mom's homemade rolls. we opened matching jammies and the kids did the nativity. hilarious rendition! mostly just chaos, but the kids are already asking to do it next year!

Christmas morning was magical. snow falling all morning, and the girls were so excited about their gifts, and waking up at grandma and grandpa's house. we loved being able to dress in our sunday best and attend sacrament meeting on Christmas day. 

we stayed at my parents' for a couple days after and the girls loved spending time with cousins, aunts & uncles, and their grandparents. my mom had a few activities for them to do, and they loved any chance they got to just be with the adults.

james was a trooper and got a sledding hill going out back for them all to sled down. they were outside for over an hour just having a blast! i know that 'night sledding' will be something they remember when they look back on this Christmas.

this one was for the record books. three girls to bring three times the magic. i loved seeing Christmas through their eyes. i loved teaching them the true meaning and listening to them teach each other and retell the story in their own words. it is always sad to see the season go so quickly but i think we enjoyed every drop.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

santa pictures 2016

i wisened up this year and scheduled our pictures for an evening time when james could come with me and HE could dress up like santa this time. the girls got a kick out of it and we got some pictures that are absolute treasures!

they wore their christmas dresses from my mom... probably the last time they'll all three be able to match! i painted brooklyn and kendall's nails christmas red, and they loved meeting 'the real santa' after our shoot.

thanksgiving 2016

it's no secret that i love thanksgiving! especially the family part! but man, as i've looked through the past years of thanksgivings i realize how bad i am getting pictures! i took hardly any this year and i'm so sad about it. i'm committed to doing a better job next year. because having all of the pictures from past thanksgivings is awesome, and i can't stop now!

thanksgiving went as it almost always has: james gets up early and plays in a turkey bowl, i race around and pack and get everyone ready so that james can literally jump in the van (after he showers of course), and we can hit the road...to cokeville!

we had everything in it's traditional form: crab appetizer, dinner delicious as always, and lots of loved ones to share it all with!

i'm not sure why i take this picture of my plate every year, it literally tortures me!

it was an 'off year' so there weren't as many in cokeville as we're used to. in fact, my girls were the only little kids there. it gave us a lot more one on one time with grandparents, aunts & uncles, and cousins. we loved it!

i didn't even get a good family picture! i'm kicking myself over this one. good heavens, next year there'll be lots! i literally couldn't get kendall to take one so here is the best one of my girls...

and a cute one of my oldest and youngest!

we did the traditional shopping trip the next day and i absolutely loved it! just like usual. these traditions i've written about over the years just keep getting better and more meaningful for me. and it shocks me that i can i love it more! we're already looking forward to next year and all the thanksgiving deliciousness!

and now, the reason i blog! i love to be able to look back on holidays!

past thanksgivings here, here, here, here, here, & here

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

a little update!

just a quick little update with a few things i want to remember!


back in the beginning of november, james's grandmother passed away. his parents and sister were able to fly out from hawaii to be here for the funeral down in southern utah. we rented an air b-n-b for a few nights and enjoyed being together as a family. the girls loved the little pond out front and riding in the canoes with their dad.

the only picture i got the day of the funeral. they looked so cute!

adalyn's 4 month stats: 14.2 lbs and 24 inches

i made haley come down and meet me to get adalyn's ears pierced the first week of november. and of course, because i didn't hold her, she didn't hardly cry and everything went smoothly! thanks again hay! if we have another girl i'll be calling you again for the same favor! and how cute are those little ears!

adalyn's 6 month stats: 16 lbs and 25 inches

brooklyn lost her first tooth...technically it was two teeth, because at her dentist appointment i had her dentist pull the one next to the loose one because the cap she'd gotten a couple years back had fallen off and it didn't look great. she was so brave too! she couldn't wait for the tooth fairy to come and didn't disappoint us with how excited she was that morning!

(this is a horrible picture of her 'missing teeth' but this movie is also her new fave!)

kendall and her first ponytails... brooklyn and i both could NOT stop giggling and grinning over these! too cute!

(throwing a fit here because i wouldn't let her eat cookie butter with her bare hands)

Monday, November 21, 2016

ichabod + chocolate waffles 2016

over conference weekend and after kayla did our family pictures saturday evening (and after the priesthood session), i whipped up some chocolate waffes, topped them with ice cream, and we snuggled up to watch "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow". or as we call it simply, ichabod. brooklyn was more anxious than ever for this tradition this year and kendall asked to watch ichabod fifty times the next day. we loved having kayla and judson with us for this tradition we love so much!

photo cred: kayla with her awesome camera! i should have stolen it to get a couple pics of her!