Saturday, April 14, 2018

more easter!

we lucked out and got to have two weekends of family/easter fun because of bad weather. my MIL put together quite an egg hunt for the kids. each child was assigned a color of egg and they found about 35 eggs in their color! my girls were in heaven!

not pictured is one of my favorite traditions, and i'm so happy my in laws are back in town to do it...our grocery hunt! all of us adults hunt for things like boxes of cereal and granola bars. we love it!

after all of the hunting we sat down to a delicious meal with ham and cheesy potatoes. i love that holidays like this give us an excuse to get together, have fun, and eat yummy food. after dinner, the kids all played together and the adults played a few rounds of psych together. if you haven't the app now and play it! we always have great time with this game and there's usually lots of laughing!


Wednesday, April 11, 2018

spring break!

we had a quick, fun little trip to st. george for spring break! two nights just isn't quite enough! we were able to visit and stay with james's grandparents the first night and it was fun for our girls to get to know them.

they fed us and spoiled the girls with easter baskets. my girts were obsessed with their dog and still ask to go see it. they loved being at their house!

our next stop was thunder junction park. my parents happened to be in st. george as well so we met up with them as much as we could. my girls loved this park! and next time, we'll know better and put them in their swim suits. adi and keni left drenched!

after that we grabbed lunch and the girls napped. we checked into our hotel and the girls were in the pool for the rest of the afternoon. the only way we could lure them out was the carousel downtown.

they love this carousel and would honestly do this over and over if they didn't have such a mean mom and dad. ha! but seriously, they love the details of the horses and always have the one picked out they want to ride.

we ate dinner at the pasta factory and had dessert at nielsen's. james and i were exhausted at this point but decided to go shop at tj maxx until we heard from my parents' so we could go over to their hotel to say hi. we watched the end of the national championship bball game and then headed back to our hotel. the girls were exhausted by this point too and slept well!

the next morning, while james got the girls breakfast and into the pool, my mom and i headed to the gym to workout. i've been trying to get my mom to a HIGH class for over a year and it finally happened! it was so fun to go with her and we definitely got a good workout in!

i hurried to get ready, we packed up the van, checked out, and then headed back to the carousel. kendall was obsessed with the pink horse and she was dying to ride it before we left st. george.

we lunched at viva chicken (i highly recommend it!) and then headed for home. brooklyn was so sad as we pulled out of st. george that she quietly cried to herself. she loves trips like this and is always so sad when it's over! 

lucky for her, she got to spend the whole rest of the week at home with us. not! she loves school and could not wait to go back!

friday we made the trip up to coalville again for hair cuts. my girls needed it sooooo badly! and i just decided last minute to have whit just chop mine off. it feels so much better! 

spring break came at such a good time and we definitely needed the little time away. we were sad to come home to freezing weather but it's only making us look forward to that summer sunshine even more!

Sunday, April 8, 2018

easter fun!

our easter festivities started the saturday before easter at the egg hunt down at the tabernacle. boy was it windy and freezing cold! good thing those hunts don't last too long. the girls scored lots of candy and were anxious to get home to snuggle up with some blankets! it was seriously cold.

the next day wasn't much warmer but i insisted the girls wear their easter dresses. we lucked out and had white cardigans for all of them so they were plenty warm. plus, they looked darling!

the next friday, the night peter cottontail comes, we dyed our eggs. i've learned my lesson over the years that a dozen eggs isn't enough. so we did almost 3 dozen. the girls were thrilled!

james was patient with adalyn and helped her dye a million eggs. she loved it!

that night we read a few easter bunny books and then the girls anxiously woke up saturday morning to see their baskets. they could hardly stand to wait!

then, after i went to the gym (and ran out of gas), we listened to the morning session of conference, and then headed to lagoon to get our passes! the girls have been anxiously awaiting this since christmas. they loved the rides we quickly went on and couldn't wait to come back. they were hilarious on a few of the rides, screaming/squealing, and adi being not too sure on a couple fast ones.

we grabbed lunch and headed to my in laws to watch the next session of conference. the girls were occupied so i got to listen to every talk! oh i loved it! every talk was my favorite! it made me so excited for the sunday sessions. after conference, we ran some errands and then it was home to do laundry before we headed to st. george for spring break. james went to the priesthood session with his dad and brother and the girls and i went over to have pasta at my in laws'. we left with full tummies and the girls were exhausted. they hit the hay and i stayed up to finish laundry and pack.

we left our house early the next morning to head to my parents' for the morning session of conference.

my girls love being with cousins!

we did an egg hunt, and then the traditional egg roll down the hill. we're going to have to start going in shifts as there are over a dozen eggs rolling down at once. it's hilariously out of control!

we had a delicious ham dinner and then hit the road for st. george. again, being in the car and being able to listen to the talks was so nice! of course, i fell asleep right before president nelson spoke, so james had to startle me awake with the announcement of the new temples! we both were very emotional as we talked about living right between two temples. we love where we live and we're so grateful that the gospel is spreading and we're able to be a part of His great work. we loved spending easter listening to our prophets and leaders of the church. we were edified, lifted up, and just straight up spiritually fed! i love having conference right on easter!

i know my Savior lives. He loves us. He knows me. He's aware of my righteous desires, my troubles, and talents and gifts. i'm grateful for temples so that we can have forever families. i'm so grateful for a loving husband who always puts me first. my girls truly are gifts from my Heavenly Father and i'm so glad he chose them to be mine. i'm grateful for a living prophet to lead and guide us. i know without a doubt that gospel restored to the earth is true, i know it! i'm especially grateful this time of year for the resurrection of my Savior, for His atoning sacrifice so that i can be with those i love for time and all eternity!