Tuesday, June 4, 2013

LAV + more pictures

we're adjusting to LAV (life after vacation) for the most part. the laundry is done, and schedules are inching their way back to normal. i thought adjusting back to utah time would be really easy, but following up our hawaii trip with a weekend at spring haven definitely didn't make it easy. at spring haven there's too much to try to fit in for as short of time as we have there. you have to stay up late, and not take any naps. truth be told, i took a nap with brooklyn yesterday. i felt like i had to. the laundry was done and i was exhausted. therefore, nap. it was a good nap too.

i woke up with only an hour to wait for james to get home. he brought home carrots for me to steam for dinner and he then he got to mowing the lawn. amazing how much a lawn can grow in just a week and a half. we had the amazon goin on. really. after that, he grilled salmon. 

chelsea came over to welcome us home. we definitely already have plans for the weekend in the works. we're just not used to going that long without a little dose of j & c. i'm sure they'll be sick of us come saturday morning. just guessing.

jeremy came a little bit later and we all enjoyed a nice quiet evening just chatting and catching each other up on each other's lives. so much to tell. and honestly, for us, it was vacation stories and all the little things brooklyn's been doing and saying. she is a totally different person than a month ago. i feel like she's just a little person. she's able to communicate with me so well and i'm loving the stage she in. with that being said, i also think she is hitting the terrible twos. we've had a few tantrums the last week. not fun. it really could be from the vacation/time change/schedule change. we'll see how the tantrums are going in a week or so. 

we are loving being home, back to our schedules, and sleeping in our own bed. we're especially loving that summer is in full swing. who doesn't love summer? grilling, pools, sunshine, evenings on the patio, snow cones, and the list could go on for days. 

so instead of doing that, enjoy a couple more pictures from spring haven.

deven sprained his ankle friday night playing basketball. saturday morning he was 'icing' it down in the little freezing cold pond. my dad was his ride to and from the pond.

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