Monday, June 3, 2013

spring haven 2013

spring haven started out just like it always does, everyone showing up at different times, friday night. luckily for us, when we got there, dinner was ready. yum. food is one of the biggest parts of spring haven. everything revolves around the food. no joke.

there were lots of hugs, hellos, and some goodbyes. so sad to see you for two seconds britt and mike! good luck in oregon!

the eating continued long into the night until everyone finally went to bed.

saturday also started like a regular spring haven saturday. some people working out, a big sourdough pancake breakfast, and then lots of lounging around outside. brooklyn loved throwing rocks in the pond and could have done it all day. she loved finding big ones and "tiny baby" ones to throw as far as she could into the pond.

this tuckered her right out. uncle steve serenaded her right into a nap. james too.

while she slept, it was family history time. not only did we upgrade to bigger binders this year, but we added more than 20 pages worth and tabs to organize it all. my aunt chemene organizes it all and does such a great job. we all appreciate her so dang much.

after all the three little great-granddaughters had taken their naps, it was pool time.

look at these three in their polka dots.

baby liv loved every second. she splashed from the second she got in until the second she got out of that little plastic pool. brooklyn had a melt down in the middle of it and got out early. little stinker.

the men went golfing and the women prepared dinner. my aunt holly and aunt kayelani were in charge and it was a beautiful colorful meal. look at all these bright yummy salads. they were topped off with sloppy joes and neiman marcus bars. heaven.

the famous talent show got put on hold during the nba playoffs. it drew quite a crowd.

the talent show didn't disappoint. 

heart melting moment. brooklyn's first performance. grandma diane helped her sing i am a child of god. she wasn't scared one bit to do it. i was a proud mama.

grandpa doesn't do this often. it was truly a treat to hear him sing. 

farmer tan by the adults. my fave. it never gets old.

after church on sunday was a gazillion family pictures. james' cowboy suit included. it was hot and sunny but i think everyone got some really good shots. can't wait to see the big family picture.

then, more dinner prep. 


and naps.

like a lot of others, we had to cut out early and head home sunday evening. so sad to have to leave early. so much to be missed out on just leaving a half a day early. 

until next time spring haven.


Barbaloot said...

I love this. There's nothing as fun as the first day at SH when everyone is arriving and figuring out where they'll sleep and getting organized and it's just fun chaos!! Looks like a great time:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting pics!!! Sooooo sad we had to leave :( Love our fun family traditions!