Wednesday, June 4, 2014

the past couple of days...

the past couple of days have brought projects, peonies, and sunshine. brooklyn has enjoyed the latter two. she has been obsessed and patiently waiting for our peonies to bloom. every morning she'd go out with me to water the flowers just to see if they had bloomed yet. i told her they would be big, beautiful, and pink. she couldn't wait! they've finally bloomed and she was beyond thrilled when i told her we could cut a couple to make an arrangement for the kitchen table.

i let her hold one and she immediately stuck it right under her nose, giving her a yellow stained little face. she didn't care. she was holding a big beautiful pink flower. 

i'm working on getting the nursery 100% complete by the end of next week. i have just a few little projects left and i'm loving it.

the heat has been upon us the last couple of days as well and we've spent plenty of time outside basking in it. brooklyn starts out in a swim suit or shorts and tee, but eventually ends up in her undies or naked. i can't blame her. that's how i'd rather be. especially being over eight months pregnant.

but my goodness this girl is soaking up summer in a good way. she loves to play with water, jump on the tramp, water our strawberries (and anything/everything else), and eat popsicles. she loves that it's summertime, and i completely agree.

we took advantage of a family night special and ate out monday night for fhe. brooklyn ate a ton of pasta as usual and was happy as a clam when we stopped by the park on our way home.

we gave her a short thirty minute time limit, and this is what she chose to do...

sand, sand, and more sand. james did get her to go down the slides a couple times right before we left and she was happy he did.

breakfast is a favorite at our house. brooklyn likes her breakfast sweet just like her mama. as soon as she wakes up she knows exactly what she wants and i get right on it, also, i'm exactly the same way. we like to take our time with breakfast. it's nice and slow. ah, these slow mornings. i am cherishing all of them. the day is approaching much too quickly where we'll all be up early, going different directions, and it'll be total chaos. so, slow mornings, stay slow. we'll enjoy every bit of you.

h a p p y  w e d n e s d a y 

p.s. 20 days! T W E N T Y.

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