Thursday, June 5, 2014


she lives the life.

breakfast, made by her mama, then outside to play. she plays until her little heart is content. and like today, in a dress. she loves dresses. if she doesn't want to wear a dress, she wears her underwear, or nothing at all. 

today, she loved drawing with chalk, squirting her 'squirting guns', and jumping on the tramp. by evening, she was acting a little worn out. then she asked for an ice cream sandwich and magically, all her energy reappeared. 

we played outside until the sun was good and down. she jumped on the tramp, i stayed on the grass, and we kicked a ball back and forth. she found it hilarious. we both couldn't stop laughing. i love it when she gets in those giggly moods (and it's not bedtime). 

it's definitely safe to say she is enjoying summer. all winter when she'd wake up, she would ask, "is it summertime?" now it's here, and she's happy. she wakes up and excitedly exclaims, "the sun is out!" and i feel the same way. we wake up pretty darn happy these days. 

so happy summer to all. grab something delicious and cold, kick back, and enjoy summertime.

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