Monday, June 9, 2014

weekending + baby scare

this weekend was a good summer-feeling kind of weekend. we enjoyed the sunshine, an awesome first trip to seven peaks, a bbq complete with a bird show, and a family birthday celebration. brooklyn was pleased with all of it.

she surprised us by being absolutely and totally brave by going down water slides without hesitation and sticking her face in the water. so far, she has had a little bit too much of me in her, but finally, she's getting a little brave streak.

we get super anxious for summer to come, and this year, we stocked up on gift cards of all kinds (mostly food) for seven peaks, and we were stoked to get our hands on some fried yummy goodness.

funnel fries made this pregnant mama way happy. probably more happy than i should have been.

brooklyn was exhausted by the end of our time at the water park. between the sun and running around like crazy, she was ready for a nap.

but we still had a bbq and bird show to go to. we did everything we could to keep her awake on the way over there. we were successful, barely. then she saw the birds and completely came back to life. she wanted to hold them. another shocker. she got to hold one and pet a couple, but she really wanted to hold the huge parrot. it wasn't aloud, but we were seriously wondering if she would have done it given the opportunity.

sunday was a beautiful day. we enjoyed church and then some nice long naps. after nap time, we headed back down to salt lake to celebrate james' grandma's birthday with family. dinner was cafe rio burritos, fruit, and a nice big birthday cake to top it all off. it was great to visit and celebrate.

early friday morning, like 2:30 AM early, i thought this picture might not happen.

i woke up, and without going into any detail, thought my water had broke. i waited a little while before waking james up, finally did that, and then decided to call my doctor. he told me to head to the hospital. our heads were spinning! we absolutely were not ready for this baby to come. we ran around packing bags and trying to mentally prepare ourselves for the possibility of having a baby that day. 

we woke brooklyn up at the very last possible moment, but were totally surprised by the good mood she was in despite how early it was. when we told her we were going to the hospital she immediately assumed we were going to have her baby sister. she was so excited. it was sad to have to break it to her that we were not in fact having a baby that morning. she and i went home for a nap, and james stayed and worked (he works at mckay dee in case you didn't know).

after a few tests, it was concluded that my water didn't break, but that my body was definitely starting to prepare itself for baby to make her debut. so, now we're on pins and needles. just waiting. saturday morning i made a huge floor to ceiling to-do list. having that early morning scare made me realize how not ready i was to have this baby. lots to get done. so, i cruised through that list, only leaving a couple things undone by saturday night. i feel so much better and am absolutely ready whenever baby girl wants to come. it feels good. now i'm just anxious. so anxious! but honestly, if she wants to wait until her induction date, i would totally be fine with that. keep cookin' baby!

and for now, i plan on spending as much quality one on one time as i can with this sweet little thing. her world is about to be rocked. 

p.s. baby girl really shouldn't come this week. my mom and two of my sisters are out of town, out of the state even! 

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