Tuesday, June 10, 2014

while we wait...

so, i really really think that baby girl isn't going to make it to her induction date. i would love it if she would, but i don't think it's going to happen. my only hope is that she'll stay in there until my mom gets home. that means a whole nother week! so we'll see.

brooklyn and i kept ourselves busy and out of the house so it wouldn't get super messed up after my saturday to-do list craze. we hit up the craft store and target. i had a nice long list of things to get and brooklyn was a little angel and totally didn't mind the almost hour long target run. she was rewarded with some sonic tater tots afterwards. definitely a win.

while she napped, i put together the last thing that i really wanted to have ready before baby comes. a 'diaper changing station' down in our family room. we have a lot of stairs in our house and the nursery is on the top floor. so rather than have to traipse up all those stairs fifty times a day, i have a nice little station with diaper changing essentials ready to go. and because i want brooklyn to be able to help with things like 'go get a diaper please!' i put the basket in a place that is out of sight, but that she can reach. hopefully this idea won't be a big fail. 

later that afternoon, chels and ellie came over for a little visit. we enjoyed sitting outside for hours just visiting and letting the girls play. it was nice and shady in the backyard and we enjoyed every second. our little visit turned into chinese take-out, jeremy joining us, and just an overall great family night. 

we're trying to take as much advantage of summer as we can. especially before the baby comes. and so far, summer has been pretty darn good to us. 

h a p p y  t u e s d a y 

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