Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Spring Haven 2011/Name revealing!

I love Spring Haven. We've been going there now for over a decade. It's a huge home donated to the church by a very generous man who wanted to provide a great place for family reunions. Thank you sir!

This Spring Haven trip was like the rest in the fact that there was: tons of food, lots of laughing, and not a lot of sleeping. It was different to not have 4 of the boys there and especially not to have Ki there. We missed them.

Saturday, my cute family threw a baby shower for me. Girls only. Advice was given, fun presents were opened, and tears were shed. I loved it.



The cute little favors my cousins made had the baby's name on them.

So without further ado...


Every year we do a genealogy/family history page to put in our family history binders. This year, it was 8 pages, and it was on Grandma Dayton.

Saturday night was the all-ever famous, talent show.

(Grandpa and the 3 uncles singing Tumbleweed)

(Kate playing the flute)

(Ben and Mitch dancing - sooo cute)

(Kayla doin Miranda)

(Shelb playin Blink)

(Tom, McKay, and Beau - the Haka)

(uncles and aunts singing Farmer Tan - my fave)

And of course, it was ALL food ALL the time.

(containers full of yummy baked goods - sooo good!)

We celebrated a few birthdays:

(BTS cake - and lots of it!)

My favorite of all was everyone that was there. I love these people so much. Here are just a few:

It was such a great time spent with great people. We had such a great time and can't wait for next year.

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