Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Yes. And yes. This is where I ended up again late Sunday night/early Monday morning. Except this time it was at Utah Valley.

Everyone was enjoying a good time at Spring Haven and it was about 12:30 at night. The night was still young. Chips and salsa were still out, a new bag of salt water taffy had just started being passed around, and everyone was enjoying themselves.

My stomach started to feel a tad uncomfortable and then...the bleeding started.

I really didn't panic too badly. I had my mom, aunts, and grandma all there giving me good advice and asking lots of questions.

My grandma called my great-uncle who is an OB and he suggested I go to bed unless it got worse, then I should go to the hospital to get checked out.

About 20 minutes later, it got worse.

My grandpa, uncle, and James gave me a blessing and we were off to the hospital. I am so grateful for those blessings, nothing in the world could make me feel better. 

I felt bad because my parents wanted to come. I knew it would be a long and boring night for them, but it definitely made this trip to the hospital a little more entertaining for James. Everyone was exhausted. So anything that was said was funny. They couldn't keep the baby's heart rate on the monitor because my dad was making me laugh so hard that the monitors were slipping all over the place.

Then, he got cold and tired.

We laughed so hard at this. I was so tired, and laughing was sucking out all of my energy.

Once the nurse said everything looked ok, my parents headed back to Spring Haven (2:30 AM).

James and I would be there until 4:30 AM while I got monitored and the nurse asked me some more questions. We looked like zombies walking outta there. Luckily, James was awake enough to drive us all the way home to Salt Lake.

I really hope we don't have any more of these adventures until the baby is born. It is scary and it stresses me out. I ended up with a cold sore Monday afternoon when I woke up. Not fun. However, I am grateful for a wonderful husband and great parents who are willing to sacrifice a night's sleep to be with me during such a scary time.

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