Thursday, June 2, 2011

I ...

I'm taking it easy today.

I am not at work.

I am staying off my feet.

I am trying to relax.

I wish my hubby was here.

I am not a fan of day time tv (there are a few exceptions).

I wish I could be getting a lot done.

I am happy for my friend and the arrival of her new baby.

I can't wait to have my baby.

I wonder what she looks like.

I want a sno-cone (lime please).

I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow.

I am so excited for summer!



it's here.

I welcome the sun
the lemonade
the sunburns
the bug spray
the fireworks
the sno-cones
the warm nights
the bbq's
the sunglasses
the flip flops
the pool
the fruit
the flowers
the outdoor movies
the birth of our baby...

H A P P Y  S U M M E R!
(eat a sno-cone)
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