Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Spring Haven 2012

oh how the weekend of spring haven always flies by. it's sad. it feels like the minute we walk in the door it's time to turn right back around and head home. when we were kids we used to always say we wished that the whole family could just quit their jobs, move there, and live all together. in a perfect world. but really, we had such a great time this go round. i think this was like our twelfth time at spring haven. it never gets old. ever. so here's a little bit about how it went down this year.

our little family of 3 stopped in provo for lunch and a car seat break for brooklyn.

sliders at marley's and a little browsing at blickenstaffs.

grandma and grandpa are usually the first ones there. this year was no different. there were also a few young cousins to greet us as well. brooklyn was spoiled and enjoyed a little dip in the creek right off the bat. naked.

brooklyn's obsessed with baby addie. loves.

grandmas and their babies.

dinner time means lots of eating and lots of chatting. hours sometimes.

saturday morning brought a 3 mile jog and then the best breakfast on the planet: sourdough pancakes. a family favorite and tradition.

my future SIL's bridal shower. her mom, aunt, and sister made the drive up. kenz got lots of cute and useful things. orange was the color of the party. 

the men went golfing during the shower.
brooklyn and i took a nap and woke up to the most amazing rain + thunderstorm.

family history pages. my aunt chemene put together some great pages about my great-grandpa and also john taylor, my 5th great grandfather.

jewelry making {sigh}. my aunts brought loads of beads to make bracelets and necklaces. i loved this part. how about an arm party?

(i only made the top 2) 

talent show. always some great entertainment.

kayla and haley singing and playing the uke.

kayla = miranda

the little girls (+mitch) put together a cute number. silly legs and a song about getting married. they serenaded the almost newlyweds.

uncle steve. can't have a talent show without his talent of playing the guitar and singing.

the adults did their 'farmer tan' number. they've been doing this for 22 years.

saturday night dinner happened at 11 PM. navajo tacos and scones with buttermilk syrup. oh, also dancing.

blanket sliding. pictured below: my mom, my grandma, aunts. so darn fun.

volleyball tournament in the gym.

sunday was our little sacrament meeting and then family pictures.

the original glamour shot girls. minus ki. next year... all 6 reunite!

sunday dinner clean up. boys cleared. girls washed. mad dish washing skills.

writing missionary cousins. there are 4 of them.

the rest of sunday was home movie watching, naps, more eating, and more visiting.

monday. morning jog. clean up. hugs goodbye. head home.

my jogging buddy.

gosh spring haven is beautiful. we enjoy so much each other's company, but also have some amazing surroundings to enjoy. july was a first. memorial day is the tradition. good thing we had AC. overall, it was such a relaxing, fun weekend spent with people that i love. this year was also great because saying goodbye wasn't as hard as usual, we'll all be getting together in two weeks for the 24th celebration in cokeville. it was nice to hug everyone and say, see you in a few weeks. it made the parting so much easier.

until next year spring haven. we love you.

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