Tuesday, June 28, 2016

spring haven 2016

this was our sixteenth year at spring haven for my mom's family reunion. gosh i've loved this tradition. cherished it. sadly, our family is out growing it. i'm so glad brooklyn will have memories of it at least. another sad thing is that i barely took any pictures this year. although i did get some pretty special ones.

i love my grandparents and i'm so grateful for their desire for our family to do things like this so that we can create bonds and memories together,

the little ones got to bathe in the master bath tub one morning and they loved it! a big jetted tub? who wouldn't?!

spring haven is harder with a newborn and i'm grateful for willing hands to attend to and entertain my older girls. they loved spending time with cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents.

it was just like every other year: lots of eating, late late late nights, and just flat out loving being together. it's always sad when it's over, but we always say, "the 24th celebration in cokeville is just around the corner." and thank goodness! it's so hard to say goodbye to so many loved ones after such a great time spent together.

so until the 24th weekend...

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