Thursday, June 30, 2016

that summer bucket list!

you know i love making a summer bucket list every year. we always try and be creative with it but it ends up with the same ol' stuff every year and we don't even care! stick with what you love right?! it will be fun when the girls are old enough to come up with most of the ideas themselves. but for now, i think they're pretty happy being drug around and checking things off all summer.

seven peaks! always on the list. always a good time. so far we've only gone twice, but we're hoping to get back into the swing of things soon!

pace's in bountiful! if you haven't been, get there this summer. delicious shakes/slushies/rainbows and fun atmosphere.

pizza at the splash pad! we've done the most of this so far this summer because this suits me best as a mother of three. way easier to keep track of them there than at a pool by myself.

the pirate ship pool in bountiful! my girls love this one. super kid friendly and definitely one we can handle once a week.

taylorsville dayzz fireworks! this almost didn't happen this year due to kendall getting hand foot mouth, and then getting an infection on top of it, but last minute, we decided to do it. we're so glad we did! the girls loved it and kendall was totally fine. we've been doing this for nine years and i can't tell you how happy it made me to have my little family there (including haley. bless her for coming and helping us!), the girls dancing to the music, and then all cuddling up for the fireworks. happiest summer memory so far!

our summer bucket list isn't quite half done and we don't have much summer left! plus, we're going to be moving (more on that later!) in a few weeks and that will take up a lot of our 'fun time'. but we're determined to check everything off our list and make this another summer to remember!

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