Sunday, July 10, 2016

adalyn's blessing day.

adalyn jac - 

you were blessed on a hot summer day, july third to be exact. your daddy gave you the most beautiful blessing. you were surrounded by so many who love you all that day. including your big sisters, who just can't get enough of you. we are all so happy to have you in our family and we hope you love us right back. as mentioned in your blessing, you were named after grandma jackie. we love and miss her every day. you wore the same dress as your big sisters, a special gift from uncle l. tom perry and aunt barb to me when i was blessed. it's such a special dress. this day was such a special day. i hope you know how much you are loved. you are a special daughter of God, and i couldn't be luckier to be your mom.


it was so fun to share the occasion with one of my good friends. i really have been blessed with good friends here in bountiful and we'll tell these two years down the road about the day they shared.

we served a simple brunch: breakfast casseroles, fruit, butterscotch rolls, and donuts.

everyone ate and visited and then headed their separate ways. i took a nap with adalyn and it was wonderful!

later on in the evening the jeremy ruesch clan came over for some more visiting and the like. it was a day full of family and we loved it that way!

i am still giddy every morning over my three girls (3?!!!) and how blessed i truly am in this life. james is such a good support to me and he loves our girls more than i can express. i couldn't ask for more. 

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