Monday, July 11, 2016

our independence day.

ahh... the 4th of july. it has become one of my favorite holidays over the past couple years. maybe since i became a mom, maybe. i'm not sure, but i really get excited about it! we love fireworks around here and that's part of it, but there's also the fact that it's during the summer and that we're celebrating our freedoms and this wonderful country we live in. i really do love it!

our celebrations started saturday night...

it was year two meeting up with friends at my friend sarah's parents' home for a bbq and then fireworks at the eaglewood golf course. the kids love the bounce house, cotton candy, and endless snow cones. the adults enjoy eating, visiting, and being there with our little families.

i sure love these cute friends of mine.

we loved the fireworks! seriously, one of the best firework shows around. i'm also glad that my girls love fireworks like james and i do. 

adalyn wasn't bothered by them at all either. she ate and then slept. so nice!

i had to document the girls in their matching night gowns (that night) from nana, and adalyn sporting the one for their dolls. so cute!

monday afternoon, we kicked off the day with breakfast burritos and donuts and a little swim party in the backyard. the big girls got in the pool while fitz and adalyn enjoyed it from the sidelines. uncle jeremy suprised the girls with a ton of water balloons and a little impromptu water balloon fight. they loved it!

afterwards, we all took naps, showered up, and then met up at jeremy and chelsea's for a bbq. one of my favorite parts of the 4th is the food! we had burgers, chips and dip, empanadas (courtest of jeremy), fruit, cupcakes, and drinks. delicious. all of it!

trying to get a picture of all five of them is near impossible. we did all we could.

then it was off to kaysville for more bounce houses and fireworks.

adalyn was a champ through all the celebrating. she really was. as long as she was fed and being held, she was fine.

the boys took the girls over to the bounce houses, and chelsea and i spread out on our blankets to enjoy the evening and relax. treats were involved of course. we came prepared this year.

it was fun that adalyn was just the right size for this festive outfit her nana made for kendall two summers ago. i love it!

after the girls wore their daddies out, they joined us back at our blankets to get jammies on and then enjoy the fireworks. kaysville does the best fireworks hands down. choreographed to music, they really put on a huge show. i was so sad when they were over, but it's always fun to look forward to next year.

all of these traditions make my life so happy. sharing in these sometimes silly traditions with my little family are the icing on the already delicious cake. i hope they're traditions that they look forward to years down the road and hopefully still want to take part in. for now, they have no choice and i'm enjoying the heck out of making memories and spending these holidays all together.

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