Sunday, August 28, 2016

brooklyn's 5th birthday.

brooklyn's 5th birthday came in the middle of a such a chaotic time. we had half way moved into our new house, but we were still living in my in-laws home, so we were basically living in two houses. long story, but we pulled it together enough to have brooklyn's mermaid party and she loved every second.

we went swimming, she had swimming lessons, and then we all got ready for her party. she loves nothing more than having guests in our home and celebrating something. 

she wanted a mermaid party and with most of my time spent packing, i did the best i could. luckily, kayla was able to make me some cute things to take it up a notch.

we served burgers and all the trimmings and had cookies and cupcakes for dessert. it was mostly just everyone hanging out and eating. the best way to do it!

brooklyn got spoiled and loved everything she got. her fifth birthday was 'the best!'

the next day we were right back at it, packing and cleaning. luckily, a day off to celebrate our big five year old was just the break we needed!

we love you so much brooklyn jayde! you are my big helper, best big sister, and favorite shopping buddy. there is no one like you and i can't wait to see what this 5th year brings for you!

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