Monday, June 29, 2015

spring haven 2015.

spring haven was as good as always. you can't tell by how many pictures i took though. gosh. i hardly took any, and i'm kicking myself! however, james took video of the whole lip sync contest we had saturday night and i have thoroughly enjoyed watching those over and over again.

this year was tricky with the rooming situation as the room my parents' are assigned to also houses their married kids and grandkids. that's a lot of bodies in one room. so, james, brooklyn, and chandler tried tent-ing it the first night only to get soaked by the sprinklers. darn it. so it ended up 6 adults and 4 kids in one room. we were cozy.

keni and cutler loved being in the same room though. waking each other up in the middle of the night and all.

kayla and dev took one for the team and represented our family in the lip sync contest. bless them. i gladly provided my mixed tape from my sophomore year of high school and they put together a heckuva performance.

the adults sang 'farmer tan' as per everyone's favorite request but swore they're never doing it again. that can't be true. we won't let it be. farmer tan for life.

this was the last time for a looong time that our family will be all together at a reunion as dev and kenz move to arizona next month. so this picture was a must.

we also killed two birds with one stone and celebrated kayla and baby boy saturday afternoon. we mostly just like to hear the advice everyone gives and then eat the root beer floats, but kayla did score some good loot. we can't wait for baby rydalch to make his debut!

i love spring haven because of the food, the company, and the beautiful place we get to spend a whole weekend with our loved ones at (not in that order... necessarily). it's so nice to be able to visit with cousins, aunts, grandparents, and everyone else in between. it's a relaxing weekend with really not that much sleep. brooklyn is hooked and bawled when we got home sunday evening. in her prayers that night she prayed that if she made her bed good enough and cleaned her room that she'd be able to go back to spring haven. that's how we all feel brookie. darn it. 

and we're especially trying to soak up as much time with these two as we can. we sure are going to miss them and arizona feels like a world away. we can't help but be excited for you too.

p.s. i can't remember who, but whoever got the good pictures of the 'six of us' i would LOVE a copy. please and thank you!
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