Sunday, June 28, 2015

kendall's first birthday.

kendall's first birthday was almost perfect. besides the fact that she refused her second nap, it was such a special day. i don't know why, but i struggle so bad with the first birthday. i'm emotional all day and at the end of it, i can hardly even get the words out to sing the happy birthday song. gosh they're born, and then that first year just flies.

we went to seven peaks to celebrate. aunt tori came with us. it was keni's first time and she mostly loved it. she was tired (refusing naps and all) so she basically was just a lump on a log. she loved being able to walk around in the wave pool without mommy having to hold her hand. brooklyn loved it, of course. she had aunt tori to swim out in the 'deep water' with her. we didn't go for super long, just long enough.

we got home, showered, and kendall finally fell asleep. my mom and kayla & judd showed up to help me just in time to help me get everything set up. bless them. 

the party was everything i wanted and more. simple and feminine. the weather was a tad hot, but totally doable. there were pink and yellow flowers on the tables, balloons everywhere, black and white pictures of the birthday girl, and guests that we love dearly.

kendall's cake smash was the best i've ever seen. she loved her cake and dove right in. she loves her sweets. not enough that she couldn't share though. she gave brooklyn and her mommy & daddy lots of tastes. it was the cutest thing. after a good ten minutes, she was taken to the tub to get washed up and in her birthday dress.

she got spoiled with lots of presents. because she didn't really know what was going on, she mostly just wanted to play with the wrapping paper. and she definitely loved all the attention she was getting.

we love living so close to aunt barb (15 minutes away!) and being able to invite her to things like this. it meant so much that she would come.

the rest of the family drove long distances to come and i really do appreciate it. it means a lot to have such supportive family. kendall is so loved.

she is as sassy, sweet, determined, cheesy, happy, funny, and loving as they come. everywhere we go i get told how beautiful she is and i can't help but agree. she has been such a little light in our lives this past year and i hope someday she'll know that. i love waking up to her little face every morning and kissing it good night every night. she keeps me on my toes and always has me laughing. oh mommy loves you kendall kate.

h a p p y  1st  b i r t h d a y 

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