Friday, July 27, 2012

her birthday.

brooklyn's birthday was wonderful. it really was.

she woke up to a surprise visitor.

who brought her a sweet book with her voice recorded on it...(i may or may not have cried)

and a reese's & mtn dew (she only had a couple bites of the candy and the drink is in the fridge unopened).

i made blueberry waffles for breakfast,

and during our errands we got to go kidnap james from work. 

we went to costco. it was a perfect coincidence that her favorite boy band was singing on the big screens for her birthday. she wouldn't move until the song was over.

during her nap, haley helped me with the party decor and when brooklyn woke up, we took off to swim at 7 peaks. it was a nice hot day. perfect for a swim.

back at home, haley and i got ready and james finished frosting the cupcakes. brooklyn took another nap. her birthday wore her out you guys. she loved seeing the balloons, playing with wrapping paper, and having everyone dote over her all day.

my in-laws arrived, plenty of desserts in tow, and it was time to celebrate! brooklyn loved having them at her party and she wanted them to stay all night. and you bet they loved being here as well.

we started off with the cake. singing. playing in it. she loved doing it all over a second time. lucky little baby (uh toddler). 

after she got cleaned up and dressed, she came into the living room and went straight for the presents. she doesn't mess around folks. by this time she was a veteran in the present opening. she got spoiled.

this doll was her absolute favorite though. we call her dolly.

aunt tori gave her a cheer outfit. not just any cheer outfit...

grandpa jerre, whatya think about this?

james was super excited though. i imagine he'll be the one dressing her in it. just teasing. it'll look cute on her. it will also go with her cheer shoes.

that's yoshi. he also might have been her favorite. and with a big strong boy to pull her on it, do you blame her?

we all enjoyed cake and ice cream. brooklyn wasn't interested in dessert. she just wanted to play with all her new things.

she was so busy playing with everything that she refused to stop and take a picture. the picture below took us literally five minutes to take. i'm not even kidding.

we said our goodbyes and thank yous and love yous and then decided we couldn't end the night without fireworks. what good is a summer birthday, a july birthday even, without fireworks? brooklyn was more than happy to have them.

she can thank her daddy for that. she can thank her grandparents for lots of fun gifts, her aunt tori for fun gifts, cam for coming and spending the evening with us, auntie hay for helping me a TON, and all those who sent messages, texted, and called to wish this tiny girl happy birthday. 

thanks so much everyone. like i said. it was a wonderful day.

the end.

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