Monday, June 22, 2015

not this past friday but the one before.

we've just been enjoying summer a little too much and this blog has taken a back seat. but this week i'm determined to catch up. so we're going back a little to a few fridays ago. it was a fun filled day that exhausted me, but it was days like those that make me crave summer on those cold winter days.

here's how it went.

right after breakfast i quickly bathed the girls and then put keni down for her morning nap. brooklyn and i put our swim suits on and got some cleaning done while keni slept. as soon as she woke up, i sunscreened the girls and we were off to meet friends at the splash pad. it was kendall's first time at a splash pad and she loved it. not an exaggeration in the least. she couldn't get enough of the water and watching all of the kids. brooklyn did what she usually does at the splash pad and that's run through every drop of water she can as fast as she can. it was a total bonus to have her friends there with her.

after the splash pad, we hurried home to shower and get ready to go to salt lake to meet kayla for lunch for her birthday. the girls slept once we got in the car and both were so excited to wake up and see that we were with some fun company. though lunch was a little chaotic (isn't it always with kids though?), it was great to get together. 

we said our goodbyes and then went to meet james at his work party at wheeler farm. we were scheduled for a 'hay ride' and brooklyn was stoked. she ended up being more excited to feed ducks and look at the baby animals. keni loved the animals as long as they were far away. as soon as they got close, she backed off the fence as fast as she could. it was hilarious.

because we had two separate cars (and it was so dang hot), kendall and i headed back home to meet friends at the food truck round up while james and brooklyn hung out a little longer at the party. the food truck round up was fun because my friends were there. i've seriously lucked out with the friends i've made here. i love hanging out with them and i'm always excited when we get the chance to. i could go on, but know that i'll probably mention them a lot more as time goes on. james and brooklyn finally joined us, ice cream sandwiches in tow. kendall not only ate mine, but she also decided to help herself to my friend's. aint no shame keni. ice cream sandwiches are her fave.

by the time we got home, all of us were exhausted. the girls went to bed and james and i were able to just talk and also get some things done we'd been needing to do. it was such a fun busy day, and thank goodness the next day was saturday, more time to play and relax. i couldn't do days like this every day, but when they come around i love them.

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