Thursday, June 11, 2015

summer favorites.

at the beginning of each summer, it's no secret that i love coming up with a summer bucket list with my family. this year, brooklyn and i did it, sitting at the kitchen table, while she painted and i wrote down our ideas. we came up with a simple but pretty fun list. then, i had kayla make it into a fun print for us to hang up and refer to all summer.

since summer started, there have been a few things i can't get enough of and i've put together a little list of them for you. it's a good mix of yummy stuff, and beauty products. and if anyone has any other fun summer suggestions, i'd love to hear them.


1. while i stayed with my parents' my mom got me hooked on this delicious beverage. it's super refreshing and i love drinking it all day. plus, it helps me get my water intake for the day. it's ice, a few slices of lemon and grapefruit, water, and some mio energy. my favorites are strawberry pineapple & tropical fusion. so good you guys!

2. this nivea moisturizing creme is the bomb! i have oily skin and truth be told, i'm afraid of moisturizers. but this one, it's so good. i use it on my face, neck, and hands every night. i love it. plus, i read that kate middleton swears by the stuff. boom.

3. every summer we'd go to bear lake with grandma jackie. and every summer, she would bring nutter butter cookies. i loved them. as i've gotten older i never buy them because they're too dang expensive. enter: target. these peanut butter cookies from target are so close to nutter butters i'm not even kidding. i even kind of like these a little more. if you're even just the little bit curious, try them! they cost less than $2. come on!

4. while we're singing target's praises. have you ever tried their watermelon penny candy knock offs? these are heaven. i keep them in a candy jar on my counter at all times in the summer. they're the best. something about them in the summertime just makes them so much better too. try them.

5. this body spray by nicole miller: pink lily. it smells. like. summer. i found it at tjmaxx for less than ten bucks. it smells soooo good! i've only been using it for a week but i can already tell it'll be the scent that reminds me of this summer. brooklyn likes it sprayed on her too and i love smelling it on her throughout the day.

6. philosophy's coconut frosting shower gel. peter cottontail put this in my easter basket this year and i was pumped about it. i've always wanted to try it and it definitely exceeded expectations. i love the smell. it's subtle but so good. and if we're being honest, i think my husband loves it more than i do.

7. we'll end with another target goodie. when i shower, i usually have about 3.5 minutes to do so. i'm in and out. as soon as i get out, i'm running to the next room to make sure the girls are still alive. i hate doing that in a towel. i usually put on a duster (family fave!) while i'm getting ready but sometimes that's just too hot. i found this towel wrap at target and haven't looked back. it velcros on, and even has a handy dandy little pocket. i love it. it's the most simple - yet best invention ever. i have the gray floral one and i'd wear it out if it were a dress.

h a p p y  almost  f r i d a y

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