Wednesday, June 10, 2015

summer so far.

here's a quick little breakdown of our summer so far. lots of pictures and hopefully not too many words. too much to catch up on.


while we stayed at my parents' home for a few days, brooklyn helped them plant their garden. she was in heaven. kendall watched and just loved being outside.

(this is her signature face right now and we love it!)

we enjoyed a quick trip to st george to be there for james's grandpa's baptism. of course, we had fun at the hotel swimming pool, and at st george's town square. brooklyn loved the water works and we all enjoyed the carousel. 

we also ate the most bomb mexican food while we were down there. i've been craving it ever since!

my in laws were here for a few weeks and really got going on getting trees out, weeds pulled, and all sorts of other things. the girls loved being out there with everyone. there have been countless wagon rides, popsicles eating, and lots of playing in the water table. these two love to be outside.

yesterday, we braved a $1 movie with friends, and then went to orem to hang out and swim with kayla. brooklyn and kendall thought it was the best day. on our way home we stopped at ikea, and they were both so good even though they were exhausted. then it was home for baths and into bed. i had the rest of the evening to myself until james got home from class. it was much needed. 

it feels good that summer is here and we hope it goes nice and slowly.

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