Wednesday, July 1, 2015

goodbye june.

hello july.

we're happy you're here. no one more than brooklyn though. it's FINALLY her birthday month and she's counting down the days.

june was definitely a good one though. summer in full swing and enjoying everything outdoors that we could. i'd say we made the most of june. here's a little recap:

ward camp out. i've never been in a ward that does this, but i'm down with the tradition. we got up there a little later than we planned but the drive was beautiful and the girls were asleep. james and i chowed down on some in-n-out on the way up and we were happy campers.

james was nice and let me have my way about where our tent was set up. it would have been really easy for him to set it up in this big field right across from where everyone else was, but i really wanted to be close to the bathroom AND my friend and her family. so he endured big tall weeds, pokies, and tree branches. but our tent looked nice and cozy there. i thought.

then it was campfire songs and stories. brooklyn loved running around with her little friends and getting filthy. as it started to get super dark, i headed back to the tent to put keni down for the night. much to my surprise, as soon as i had done that it was lights out. james and brooklyn met me at the tent and everyone was heading to bed. it was 10 PM. but james and i were both ok with it. we were exhausted. both girls slept pretty dang well, and there was a nice big delicious breakfast awaiting us before we headed back home. i'm guessing we'll be going again next year.

later that same day, we met up with my family in murray for a little picnic of sorts for kayla's birthday. it was kfc and fruit pizza for all. it was stifling hot but the food tasted good. 

afterwards, we all made the quick trip over to taylorsville dayzz for some fireworks (and people watching). it was so fun to have everyone there. we mostly just sat on the blankets and visited (and people watched). it was just fun to be all together.

this was kendall's first experience (really) with fireworks and she was in heaven. she sat still, eyes to the sky, for a good ten minutes. then she started pointing and saying, "ahh, ahh". oh she loved them. the rest of us loved them too as always. it was so awesome to be there, watching fireworks, with so many people that i love. the girls were so good to boot.

this was our 7th time at the t-ville fireworks. we missed a couple years in there, but we've loved having it as a little family tradition since before our family officially started.

the day-to-day has been full of swimming (and BBQ-ing anything and everything). we either go to the bountiful pool, seven peaks, or just our good ol backyard. the girls love all three. so being able to just stay home here and there makes it a little easier on this mama.

night swimming is definitely one of my faves. the sun isn't so hot and it's just that magical time of evening. ya know what i'm talking about? i love it. it just screams summer.

and yes, both girls have their own pool, BUT the small one is technically the 'hot tub'. next summer will be better for keni to use the bigger pool. she's just a little too short right now.

i got my july 4th patriotic decor up in the middle of june but added a few things this week. i love living in utah so that my decor can stay up all month long. and two holidays to celebrate in july?! come on! anything and everything red white and blue or patriotic.

 (i had my sister make me this print AND i love it. thanks googs!)

along with my watermelon candy that i always have out, i wanted something else to put out this month so i decided on salt water taffy. first of all, i thought it'd be good because i wouldn't really be tempted by it. wrong. and secondly, it screams july to me. it's basically the epitome of parade candy.

and because it's the first of july, i dressed my girls in patriotic colors (and matching). i'm hoping to do this every day for the rest of the week, but it'll be interesting because i don't have that much to work with. we have some fun plans for friday and saturday and can't wait to celebrate our nation's birthday. brooklyn can hardly handle all the talk of fireworks and parades and it makes me so happy that she loves these holidays and summer just like me.

h a p p y  first  o f  j u l y !!!

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