Monday, July 6, 2015

4th of July 2015

i had to put this picture first just so that i remember how hard it was to get a good picture of both girls. this is usually what happens.

our 4th was so good this year. just good. we were super busy but and there were multiple occasions where i thought i wouldn't make it without a nap, but i did. and i'm so glad we stuffed everything in that we did. we spent the weekend dawned in red white and blue and doing all sorts of fun stuff with family friends.

 (auntie hay painted toes)

our festivities started friday at seven peaks, but of course, there were no pictures taken to document. it was super busy and super hot. but we had fun and enjoyed being in the water for a good portion of the day. we got home from that and got ready to go to a bbq with friends up in north salt lake. it was so fun to hang out with our little families, eat good food, and just relax. the kids played in the bounce house, ate cotton candy and sno cones, and just had fun playing together.

as it got darker, we packed up and walked to eaglewood golf course for the fireworks. the kids got some glow in the dark swag, had a little dance party, and we were all able to just hang out until the fireworks started.

these friends of mine are just the best. 

the fireworks were awesome! the four of us snuggled up and the girls just laid there in awe. kendall seriously loves watching the fireworks. i love the fireworks too but my favorite part is all the sweaty snuggling we get in just to watch the fireworks.

the next morning, i got up before everyone else, made muffins, and then got everyone else up. it was parade time.

we quickly ate muffins on the way out the door and searched out our peeps for the parade. luckily, j & c and all of our friends ended up in the same spot so we got to be all together. it was a HOT parade. brooklyn loved it though.

at one point, confetti started falling from the sky. like high in the sky. it was seriously amazing. i told brooklyn it came from heaven and she believed it.

we got to have haley with us for most of the weekend and it was so fun to have her around. she did my hair, cut james' and brooklyn's, and was a huge help with everything else. come back next year hay!

after the hot and sweaty parade, we all met back at our house for a little brunch. we had a breakfast casserole, sausage, cherries, and cinnamon bread. pretty dang good. we sat and visited for a little bit and then parted ways so for naps. for the little ones of course.

later on we all met up again for a little swim party in the backyard. the girls loved it. james was a good sport and got in too. it was nice for me to be able to just sit and watch, instead of participate this time. i was exhausted by this point.

then we grilled up some brats (bra-ts) for dinner and then headed to kaysville for more fireworks. we got there nice and early so we did a lot of chasing the girls around until the show started.

we've loved the kaysville fireworks in the past so we were stoked when they finally started. it started out awesome and every firework was so good. we were snuggling and all that jazz and all the sudden the fireworks stopped. there was some sort of glitch. darn it. so we waited a little bit and then decided to pack up and head home. we were all exhausted so we deemed that enough fireworks and fun for the weekend. 

after church on sunday we had dinner at my parents' with all my siblings and spouses. we had some delicious ribs, homemade rolls, fruit, corn on the cob, and eclairs for dessert. i was so stuffed. we ended the evening outside. it was beautiful and not too hot. the kids played in the sand boxes and the adults were able to visit... for the most part. at one point my mom had all four kids by herself and wasn't rescued for awhile. thanks again mom!

we love these summer nights and summer weekends spent with those we love.

this 4th of july will be hard to beat. 

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