Monday, June 27, 2016

kendall's 2nd birthday.

kendall's birthday came with much anticipation... from brooklyn. brooklyn counted down the days for her. kendall just didn't quite understand what was coming. she only knew she wanted a chocolate cake and that she'd blow out her candles. she was so excited about that!

that morning i gave her the choice of any breakfast she wanted, but all she wanted was her trusty oatmeal. i topped it with whipped cream (also her fave) to make it a little more fancy for her birthday. she loved eating oatmeal, playing with balloons, and hearing that she'd be blowing out her candles that night. 

after breakfast and a couple errands, we picked up some pizza, and headed to the splash pad. kendall was ecstatic when her dad showed up to join the party.

adalyn was such a good girl and slept the entire time. bless her. 

after the splash pad, kendall went down for a nap, i sent james off to run a bazillion errands for the party, and i settled in for haley to cut my hair. i couldn't take it another day. so basically, james and kayla set up the whole party and did everything to get it ready. they totally saved me that night!

kendall loved having all her cousins, aunts, and uncles, and grandpa jerre there to celebrate with her. we had hot dogs, chips and salsa, and donuts of course. kendall loves donuts so i thought it a very fitting theme for her party.

the best surprise of the night was dev and kenz showing up! we had no idea they were coming and i literally cried when i saw them! we are so excited to have them around for the next month. arizona is just too far away sometimes.

i had to document the food table. james said, "i'm not going to set it out all cute, can i just set stuff out in their boxes?" bless him. amazing how everything tastes just as good even if it's not set up all 'cute'.

the time finally came for the birthday cake. kendall loved being sung to and was in total birthday heaven. this was her moment.

she opened her presents and was excited about every single one. even the clothes and dresses. she really can get excited about pretty much everything.

she was spoiled and loved everything she got. she wanted to play with all of it at the same time. 

brooklyn spent the party playing with cousins and dev and kenz's dog piper. adalyn spent it being passed around and just being happy to be held.

i stressed about kendall's party even before adalyn was born. i didn't know how i'd do it all, and get it all done. it's amazing that i always forget how much help i get from husband and sisters. they literally save me in situations like this all the time! i truly am blessed. 

we're so thankful to have such supportive family that lives close enough to celebrate these kind of occasions with us. kendall will look back at pictures and know how loved she is. i can't believe she's two and ready to be four. she is such a joy in our home and i can't imagine a better child to have come second to our family. my little wild card!

we love you keni kate!

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