Sunday, June 26, 2016

home from the hospital + preschool graduation

once home from the hospital we were showered with flowers and delicious meals. i'm serious, we were spoiled! my mom came for a night and helped me with the baby and james was able to focus on the girls and have some good time with just them.

things were a little different for me this time around. my iron levels had gotten extremely low before i delivered and i had no energy. when i got home from the hospital i literally had no energy to spare. getting out of bed was a serious chore. my doctor prescribed a high dose of iron and i diligently stayed on top of it. thankfully about two weeks later i was starting to feel way better and my energy actually existed!

brooklyn's preschool graduation was just a couple days after we got home from the hospital. she had looked forward to this event for weeks. she thought it was so cool to be graduating like her dad did. the graduation was a cute little program and brooklyn was in her element performing every song and rhyme. 

she loved preschool! and she loved her teacher miss angela. she had perfect attendance and seriously didn't want to miss school for anything. i'm really hoping her experience with kindergarten is the same.

she was lucky to have her grandparents come to be in her cheering section. i know she was extra excited to have them there. and i was so grateful to have them there as my mom had kendall on her lap the whole time so that james and i could be taking video and pictures. but kendall was awesome and literally didn't move a muscle. she can't wait to be big like her sister and go to preschool too. with a backpack of course!

after the program there was a 'pizza party'. brooklyn loved being able to hang out with a few of her friends and eat some pizza and brownies. 

as sad as i am that she's already done with preschool, i am so excited for her to go to kindergarten. she asks every day when kindergarten is starting and she's so anxious to go. she's my big helper and i don't know how i'll get along without her while she's at school but i'm sure we'll adjust. 

we love you brooklyn and are so proud of the smart happy nice girl you are!

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