Friday, June 24, 2016

straight from heaven.


Adalyn Jac

6 lbs 11 oz
20 inches
8:24 AM

adalyn was another scheduled c section and she was a good girl and hung tight until then. we were not quite ready to have here until that morning. my mom came to stay the night before so that she could get up with the girls and bring them to the hospital.

going in for scheduled c sections is like Christmas morning. i hardly sleep on my c section eves! it's so exciting! we get up in the dark, get to the hospital in the dark, and know that within the next hour we'll have a baby in our arms. 

and just in case you want to see what it's like to get prepped for a c section, ya know, being on the operating table and all, here it is! my anesthesiologist was awesome. i literally didn't know he'd done the spinal block until thirty seconds later when i asked. bless him!

four minutes after we started, adalyn was born. she came out screaming and let us know she'd have some attitude. 

such a cute little peanut.

after a little bit of skin to skin, i tried nursing her, and BLESS HER, she's been my only one to latch right on. and she has been the best little nurser! 

her sisters anxiously waited to meet her and brooklyn couldn't wipe the grin off her face the whole time. kendall, on the other hand, was not super interested in her baby sister. it stayed like that for the first few days home, and then she decided she liked her. thank goodness! my mama heart was breaking that she felt like baby was threat.

once i got settled into my room (and done throwing!) the girls came in and james gave them their gifts from adalyn.

surprise! princess dresses. cinderella for kendall and elsa for brooklyn. good taste adalyn.

our hospital stay was good. i definitely enjoy the hospital stay more and more every time. it's nice to just focus on the new baby and know the others are taken care of elsewhere. james was back and forth and it was nice and relaxing for me to just be at the hospital with adalyn.

we got to go home after two nights and we couldn't wait to get home to the older girls. 

we had dinner provided that night and for the next two weeks after that. seriously, we were so blessed and taken care of. our ward, family, and friends were so amazing to us. especially since i came home having to be on iron (no energy whatsoever!), having meals provided was such a huge blessing.

the last four weeks (how is she four weeks?!) have been an adjustment period for sure, but i feel like i'm living my dream. honestly, having these three little girls in my life is more than i could have ever hoped for. i couldn't have dreamed up anything better. when i look in the rear view mirror when we're running errands together, i see those three car seats and my heart could burst. 

adalyn is such a perfect addition to our family. she loves mommy to hold her, cuddle her, and she has been such a good eater and sleeper. her hair is dark for now but i have a sneaking suspicion that she'll be a toe head like the other two. we just love her so much and couldn't imagine a sweeter addition.

her middle name, Jac, is after my grandma jackie, who i'm sure gave her plenty of squeezes and kisses before they parted in heaven and she made her way into our family.

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