Sunday, May 22, 2016

the week before...

this last week, one week before baby comes, was a good one full of lots of family time. monday and tuesday i really tried to take it easy so as not to put myself into labor before wednesday because i really wanted to go with brooklyn on her field trip to the zoo. thankfully, that worked out. james came and met us at lunch time and was able to spend the rest of the day with us. 

the girls loved the zoo. more than i thought i they would. brooklyn was so good to take kendall up to the glass or fences to see the animals while i sat down in the background. i really didn't overdo it because she was such a huge help! their favorites were the elephants and the new playground/splash pad. 

on monday, i didn't finish up baby girl's laundry and i couldn't help but lay out her 'going home from the hospital' outfit my mom bought for her on my bed just to look at for the rest of the day. isn't it precious?!

the rest of the week was spent cleaning (on my part) and the playing (the girls' part) as much as they could with it being as rainy this past week as it was. they did a lot of imaginary play and brooklyn did a lot of art while kendall took her naps.

they have a blast together and i love watching them become such good little friends. kendall's favorite game to play is 'puppy' where brooklyn acts like her puppy and does everything she asks her too. brooklyn is a good sport!

i snuck into their room early sunday morning just to look at them sleep. it's really amazing to think that when they wake up on wednesday, it won't just be them anymore. james and i constantly laugh (nervously) when we imagine handling three little girls. it'll definitely be a transition, and one that i full heartedly admit to being nervous about. 

we're so excited that this baby will be coming at the beginning of summer, so that we have a whole summer of adjusting before brooklyn goes to school and kendall starts potty training. though i'm sure it's going to take longer than just a summer. 

i love being a mom to these girls. i honestly never imagined myself with three girls. obviously i wouldn't have it any other way. i love it! i love that they have each other as best friends, confidants, play mates, roommates, bed mates, and that they have a lifetime of clothes/shoes/hair bow/purse sharing ahead of them.

and just for fun, here are pictures of me pregnant with each girl, the farthest i got with each of them. the posts to their birth stories are also linked below them.

hopefully the birth story for baby #3 will be written before she turns one :)

only three more sleeps until we get to meet the newest little ruesch girl and we can hardly wait!


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