Monday, June 23, 2014


kendall kate

6 lbs 8 oz
18 inches

my heart is full. 

i am already emotional as i type this out. it has been quite a week. we received one of our biggest blessings straight from our father in heaven and are loving having a piece of heaven in our home. at this time a week ago (sunday evening), i had no clue i would be going into labor just hours later.

the contractions started in the middle of the night. i wasn't sure if they were for real. no way they were real! but after a couple hours and a priesthood blessing, i decided they were real. we woke brooklyn up with the exciting news that she was going to get a baby sister today. well, that was james. i was trying to hold it together through contractions.

we got to the hospital and they got intense. just under three minutes apart. i didn't think i'd survive. they started my iv, i threw up, and shortly after that, i was wheeled back into the operating room. my dad was on his way to be with brooklyn and james was waiting for him to arrive.

they went ahead and started my epidural. i was getting excited and anxious. then they started to make the first incision. i felt it. like for real felt it. it was sharp and super painful. i told them to stop. james made his way into the operating room and saw my nice and sliced open and heard me saying i could feel it. it was a tad overwhelming for him. they started pumping drugs into me as quickly as they could and i basically passed out. i didn't wake up until james had kendall all wrapped up and was bringing her to show me. i was so happy. and in so much pain.

the pain continued all day. i didn't really hold kendall until later that afternoon. it made it all worth it. the pain was excruciating, but that baby made it all worth it.

they finally decided to take my epidural out and administer pain meds orally. and thank goodness because that did the trick. apparently my epidural was not in as far as it could have been. bless those pain pills!

she had visitors that evening and was such a good baby through all of it. everyone was so anxious to see and meet her.

the next day, big sister brooklyn got to come and visit us. james and i had a few presents ready for her to open from her baby sister. she was so excited. i missed her so much and i was so excited to have her sit next to me and color in her new coloring book. i love love loved it!

the rest of our hospital stay was great. my nurses were awesome. the food was good. and i felt so much better than i did that first day. we were ready to get that baby home wednesday afternoon.

she is turning out to be such a good sweet baby. she's nursing well and pooping like a champ. we love her tiny-ness and can't get enough of her.

once at home, i caught brooklyn's cold. so, for the last few days, i've had to wear a mask any time i'm holding my baby. it's been pure torture. i was just want to kiss on her and i can't. brooklyn has been sick still and is so sad when we keep her at a distance from the baby. she doesn't like it one bit. hopefully once we are all healthy again, we can make this adjustment a little more easy. it's breaking my heart.

we've had wonderful meals brought in and we're just enjoying relaxing and getting to know the newest member of our family. james is loving being a dad to two girls. we'll see if he's saying that in 15 years.

the biggest help of all has come from my mom. i don't know what we would have done without her. she's cleaned, done laundry, played outside with brooklyn, filled up my water mug, run errands, cooked sunday dinner, changed diapers, bathed both girls, and countless other things. she has been an absolute lifesaver. there is no one quite like her. we hated to have to say goodbye this evening. it was very hard to see her go. my girls are so lucky to have a grandma who is super woman.

and she left her 'living quarters' cleaner than when she came. that mom of mine!

we love you.

we are so happy here at cream gables. the blessings we have seen this week have brought us to our knees. we are surrounded by great people in our lives. james and i are so grateful to be parents of daughters of god. we hope they know how much they are loved. 

the summer can now carry on as we start our adventure as a family of four.

h a p p y  m o n d a y 

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