Monday, June 16, 2014

father's day + losing energy

this weekend, the dead-tired-end-of-pregnancy bug hit me. luckily, not before a fun quick little trip to seven peaks with chels and ellie. it was nice to hang out in the water and enjoy the sunshine. also, i enjoyed more funnel fries. can ya blame me? and honestly, i think brooklyn gets more excited about them than i do.

brooklyn loves making demands of her aunt chelsea, and aunt chelsea is way too nice and gives into her. brooklyn asked for a silly face picture and aunt chelsea didn't hesitate a second to do it. also, ellie's thighs are delicious.

saturday i accomplished exactly two things on my to-do list of little projects i've decided to try and get done before our little chica comes. i was dead. tired. i really could have just been a lump on the couch all day. i'm glad i wasn't, but man, my energy is running out. jeremy and chels joined us in the evening for some good saturday night staying in and relaxing. chels and i even went as far as to make s'mores on the stove top. they totally hit the spot.

sunday we enjoyed celebrating those special dads in our lives. we made our way to coalville to spend the day. we grilled steak and drank mt. dew. the perfect way to celebrate a man's holiday right? the guys seemed happy. 

brooklyn and liv get along and share with each other about sixty percent of the time. this was one of those special occasions. liv was holding on for dear life. just ready for that crazy horse to take off.

we ended father's day out on the deck with s'mores. not just any s'mores though. we used chocolate striped cookies and reeses peanut butter cups to make them just a little more special. they totally hit the spot for the second time this weekend. brooklyn slept through this part darn it. liv definitely enjoyed it. that daddy's girl.

thanks holmes crew for a nice relaxing sunday celebrating the fellas. it was perfect.

and as for this growing little bundle of pink... she's definitely growing, and i'm losing all of my energy.

at this point, we really are ready for her to come any day now. however, her big sister has had a cold and we need her to be 100% healthy to welcome her into the world. we're hoping in the next couple of days our home will be sickness free and we can just anticipate baby's arrival. gosh we can't wait!

h a p p y   m o n d a y 

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