Friday, June 13, 2014

splash + shakes

we beat the heat of thursday by meeting some friends at a splash pad earlier in the afternoon. we had plenty of snacks and drinks to keep our tummies full. the kids played in the water at the splash pad and also at the park ten steps away. they loved it. brooklyn thought it was fun to play at the park in her swimming suit. she may have liked the park more than the splash pad. but she most definitely liked being there with her 'friends'. even if she still just prefers to play side by side instead of together.

and i loved chatting with my friends. we don't see each other often enough, but when we do, it's one of those pick-up-right-where-we-left-off kind of situations. i love these girls and i'm so glad i still get to call them my friends.

after the heat got to our heads, we went to the nearest shake stop and filled up on fries and shakes. for brooklyn, it was an ice cream cone. she tried her darndest to eat it before it melted all over her hands, but to no avail. she headed home sticky, happy, and tired. her head hit the pillow back at home and she was out. i took advantage and got everything cleaned up and put away from our little day adventure and then attempted to put the liner that i had just washed, back into the car seat. sometimes i don't give myself enough credit, i had that baby back on in less than a minute. then, i totally scored an awesome deal on some swaddle blankets i've been hankering for. because so far, baby has one. hopefully she likes to be swaddled.

unfortunately, upon awaking, brooklyn had a fever and a cough to go along with it. broke my heart. so we snuggled on the couch and drank ice water and ate popsicles for most of the afternoon. poor girl. towards evening, she was feeling a little better so i'm hoping for a full recovery by morning. hopefully that's not too much to ask for.

11 days. boom.
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