Thursday, June 12, 2014

all to herself.

brooklyn had the park to herself for an hour today. the sand, the slides, the swings. it was hers for the taking. i found myself telling her that she shouldn't get used to this because every other time we've ever gone there's always been other kids to share the playground with. i also kind of slid in the fact that she'd have to learn to share basically everything she's ever known as just hers now that she's going to be a big sister.

for now, she's excited about the idea.

everyone keeps asking her if she's excited to have a baby sister. she says yes. i don't think she really understands what's happening, but the moment of truth will be when we're finally at home, the four of us, and the baby is taking most of my attention. we'll see. oh i hope she just loves her.

i hope they're best friends.
i hope they want to spend time together.
i wonder how different they'll be.
how alike.
i wonder if this one will be chubby.

these are the thoughts running through my mind during all my waking hours. it's so exciting not to know. the anticipation of it all. it's definitely like being seven years old and waiting for christmas, only about ten times worse. 

until then, brooklyn will soak up every minute of having parks and dolls all to herself.

a HUGE birthday shout out to my sister KAYLA!

who is celebrating her birthday in hawaii today. we love you so so much! eat a shrimp taco for me ok ;)
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