Saturday, July 30, 2011


The past few days have been absolutely surreal. I can't even explain or describe the feelings I've had as we've welcomed this sweet spirit into our lives.

There is nothing like it.

I am constantly overwhelmed with feelings of love and gratitude. I can't believe she's ours. I have to remind myself every morning that she does in fact belong to me.

She definitely has a mind of her own already. She is strong willed and full of personality.

She recognizes both her mommy and daddy's voices.

She is struggling to breast feed, but we're workin on that.

Her first doctor appointment is tomorrow.

She has her days and nights a little mixed up and loves to be awake all night!

She is so sweet and has changed our lives. I can't believe she's here, healthy, and that she's ours.

We love her so much!

(holding grandpa's finger)

(lots of emotions here - mostly anxious)

(ready for the spinal block)

(my first time seeing her)

(first family picture)

(she likes to hold her binki in all by herself)

(lots of time at the hospital)

(daddy gettin ready to change a stinky diaper - notice the gloves)

(asleep with dad)

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