Sunday, December 11, 2016

thanksgiving 2016

it's no secret that i love thanksgiving! especially the family part! but man, as i've looked through the past years of thanksgivings i realize how bad i am getting pictures! i took hardly any this year and i'm so sad about it. i'm committed to doing a better job next year. because having all of the pictures from past thanksgivings is awesome, and i can't stop now!

thanksgiving went as it almost always has: james gets up early and plays in a turkey bowl, i race around and pack and get everyone ready so that james can literally jump in the van (after he showers of course), and we can hit the cokeville!

we had everything in it's traditional form: crab appetizer, dinner delicious as always, and lots of loved ones to share it all with!

i'm not sure why i take this picture of my plate every year, it literally tortures me!

it was an 'off year' so there weren't as many in cokeville as we're used to. in fact, my girls were the only little kids there. it gave us a lot more one on one time with grandparents, aunts & uncles, and cousins. we loved it!

i didn't even get a good family picture! i'm kicking myself over this one. good heavens, next year there'll be lots! i literally couldn't get kendall to take one so here is the best one of my girls...

and a cute one of my oldest and youngest!

we did the traditional shopping trip the next day and i absolutely loved it! just like usual. these traditions i've written about over the years just keep getting better and more meaningful for me. and it shocks me that i can i love it more! we're already looking forward to next year and all the thanksgiving deliciousness!

and now, the reason i blog! i love to be able to look back on holidays!

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