Tuesday, December 9, 2014

#hawaiianthanksgiving part 2

thanksgiving day

it wouldn't be a holiday if it didn't start with a photo shoot of my girls. that's just how it goes. i got them all dressed up in their thanksgiving outfits and matching gold bows and we went outside so we could have my in-laws backyard as a beautiful back drop. brooklyn's skirt was white, hence the towel underneath them.

in their lei's from nana.

for breakfast, chelsea whipped up these cute little guys. they were delicious.

my MIL had a bunch of cute stuff to use to decorate the patio for dinner. she turned chelsea and i loose and this is what we came up with.

dinner was delicious. we had everything from turkey & cranberry sauce, to coconut sweet rolls. 

the turkey was cooked in imu, a traditional polynesian oven pit. i ate as much of that turkey as i could up until the day we flew home!

this picture is an inside joke, so i had to post it.

we went around the table during dinner and named things were thankful for that started with the first letter of our first name. that group was pretty creative. in case you're curious, i said mountains. more specifically, the utah mountains.

kendall was out by the time we were all done eating. no turkey for her this year, but i guarantee next year she'll be gobbling it up.

it was a thanksgiving we'll never forget. so fun to spend it surrounded by family and the beauty of hawaii. 

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