Wednesday, December 7, 2016

a little update!

just a quick little update with a few things i want to remember!


back in the beginning of november, james's grandmother passed away. his parents and sister were able to fly out from hawaii to be here for the funeral down in southern utah. we rented an air b-n-b for a few nights and enjoyed being together as a family. the girls loved the little pond out front and riding in the canoes with their dad.

the only picture i got the day of the funeral. they looked so cute!

adalyn's 4 month stats: 14.2 lbs and 24 inches

i made haley come down and meet me to get adalyn's ears pierced the first week of november. and of course, because i didn't hold her, she didn't hardly cry and everything went smoothly! thanks again hay! if we have another girl i'll be calling you again for the same favor! and how cute are those little ears!

adalyn's 6 month stats: 16 lbs and 25 inches

brooklyn lost her first tooth...technically it was two teeth, because at her dentist appointment i had her dentist pull the one next to the loose one because the cap she'd gotten a couple years back had fallen off and it didn't look great. she was so brave too! she couldn't wait for the tooth fairy to come and didn't disappoint us with how excited she was that morning!

(this is a horrible picture of her 'missing teeth' but this movie is also her new fave!)

kendall and her first ponytails... brooklyn and i both could NOT stop giggling and grinning over these! too cute!

(throwing a fit here because i wouldn't let her eat cookie butter with her bare hands)

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