Wednesday, December 4, 2013

thanksgiving 2013

we're home and still recovering from a fabulous thanksgiving weekend. it started late on wednesday night for this ruesch crew. after our christmas cards were in the mail and the clock struck 7, we were on the road to grandma's house. cokeville, wyoming.

we stopped in evanston for dinner and then made the rest of the trip. we were greeted by lots of family and tons of food. that's the norm around there. i guess we try and stretch our stomachs out the night before we feast on turkey, pie, and other yummy things.

the boys, er men, started thanksgiving out with a turkey bowl at the local high school football field. there's plenty of cousins to go around for a football game. it was nice and chilly and the ground was frozen when they started. it sounds like everyone had a good time though. 

some of the ladies burned some pre-thanksgiving calories by running up big hill (it's quite a big hill). way to go girls!

meanwhile, back at the house, most of us were just getting ready for the day and dressing our children in their thanksgiving threads. poor liv pooped through her cute TG (thanksgiving. that's a long word to keep typing out, so i'm shortening it now) outfit and her mommy was sad.

we had the traditional crab cocktail right before dinner and it did not disappoint. i love this tradition. almost as much as i love the actual TG meal.

our little crew.

my plate. my mouth is watering. i really can't even look at it. totally lived up to all the hype!

and now, pictures of everyone at their respective tables, enjoying their food.

afterwards, there were naps, chatting, and more eating. there was also the traditional 'aunt suzanne accessories loot' sale on grandma's table. this year there were beanies, leggings, and all that good stuff to keep you warm. this tradition is a keeper.

we stayed up late both nights and enjoyed time spent with those that we love. tons and tons of food was consumed and our TG taste buds were totally satisfied. we left cokeville on friday evening to spend the night in coalville. we had a long drive to vegas the next day.

and leaving this little mug behind was rough. 

real rough.

we hope your thanksgiving was as great and wonderful as ever! we sure are feeling super blessed this time of year.

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