Wednesday, November 27, 2013

ready for turkey...

our christmas trees are up. fall has been put away. we are ready for some thanksgiving! we'll be stuffing our faces in cold, but beautiful wyoming with lots of family. i imagine there'll be late night chats, lots of leftover turkey to eat, and our annual shopping trip to montpelier, idaho. i can't hardly wait!

but i bet you can also guess why i would be super excited for this weekend.

hmm... let's think about that for a second...


(please pray for me. i'm not very good at leaving my child behind.)

but honestly, that will just be a good cap off to a great family-filled weekend. i really am super excited just for thanksgiving dinner and to spend time with family. this concert is my birthday coming a month early (one month exactly folks). thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays so it will not be overshadowed by a concert... just topped off nicely.

h a p p y  t h a n k s g i v i n g 

//and now, some random pictures//


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