Friday, December 6, 2013

jt road trip 2013

back in my good ol' college days, i had the opportunity to go to new york city to see my all time favorite, justin timberlake in case you didn't already know that, perform at madison square garden. i had floor tickets and got to be a couple feet from the stage. it was heaven people. i cried when he came out in the beginning. not afraid to admit it. i totally cried. i've loved this guy and his talent since the good ol' mickey mouse club days. it was a dream come true to say the least.

this time around, i held off as long as i could before i asked my husband if we could possibly go see him in las vegas. after justin's performance at the vma's this year i could not help myself and we got tickets within a few days after that. luckily, i'm surrounded by other jt fans in my life. my sister whitney, and my cousin amanda were also really wanting to go. the husbands were all convinced and the trip was planned.

the day finally came. we left coalville bright and early to make the long drive to vegas. we stopped in pleasant grove to pick up manda and mackay and filled up on french toast at kneaders.

our drive was the fastest i've ever experienced to vegas. it seriously went so quickly. there was great conversation, good snacks, and some good laughs to keep us occupied. oh man. good times were had in that car.

i could hardly contain my excitement as we rolled into vegas. ahhh! excitement was in the air and i wanted the concert to start right away. i still had a good six hours until it started.

we scoped out the mgm a little, played some slots, checked into whit and chuck's room, freshened up, and then headed downstairs for dinner. we came upon the rainforest cafe just a couple hours before the concert and decided it would suit us just fine for dinner. we all ordered shrimp, steak, and ribs. so good. i couldn't eat as much as i normally can because i had butterflies in my stomach. seriously guys, make fun, but i was probably the most excited person at that concert. biggest. fan!

we fought the crowds and made our way to our seats. there was a dj getting the crowd pumped and i started to get super anxious. then i read on my phone that paul walker had died. totally sad! it definitely took my mind off waiting for the show to start, thank goodness!

oh, then the show started. my goodness. he opened up strong and just kept going. hit after hit. so much energy.

//can ya spot him?//

i love when he plays the piano. he's talented folks.

the front of the stage moved clear to the back of the arena making justin that much closer to us. so cool, and yes, i was dying. :)

click here for a little taste of the concert (in philly not in vegas). all of my videos are so loud and you can hear me singing in most of them, so this clip is way better. 

the concert overall was amazing. high energy, awesome choreography, and of course, the songs are my favorite. it ended around midnight and by the time we fought the other 18,000 out of the garden arena, we were pooped. what a day we'd had. we crashed in whit and chuck's room for awhile before making our way, by taxi, to our lovely room at circus circus. it really wasn't that bad. we were prepared for worse, but our bed was comfy and that was all we cared about. we slept in, which was so nice (and weird without our kids there), and then we hit the road. we made it only a few miles out of vegas and found out the freeway was closed down. ugh.

so, we pulled over for breakfast at a trucker type stop and had a breakfast that was surprisingly good. i am a fan of breakfast people. sweet breakfast.

the only other thing you need to know about the trip home was that there was tons of traffic, and it took us forever to get home to our babies. we picked brooklyn up at my parents' and finally got home around 10:30. loooong day. loooooonger drive. but SO worth it. so fun to spend time with whit, chuck, manda, and mackay. james and i thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

jt fans for life.

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