Wednesday, December 11, 2013

decking our halls...

so, here it is. a little bit of Christmas around our house. not the whole house, no, because the night i chose to take all of these pictures was chaos. and a chaotic house, doesn't look super Christmas-y. so, the rest of the house might make it onto the blog later on. maybe.

one of my favorite views of my house is right outside the front door. i love how bright my white Christmas tree is. it glows, and i love it.

//santa key//


//can you spot the mistletoe?//

//the kitchen//

(brooklyn ooh-d and ahh-d when we decorated both trees, but she did the same as she watched me pull out all of these decorations in the kitchen. they're happy and Christmas-y, and totally catch her attention.)

//dandy has had to stay up nice and high because B likes to try and touch him. such a rule breaker.//

//B's Christmas corner in her room.//

having a toddler around this year as we prepare for Christmas has been a blast. she's into it all! she sings the songs: rudolph (however, she says he has a runny nose, not a shiny one), jingle bells, and santa clause is comin' to town. she sings them all day long and definitely adds to the spirit of the holidays around here.

her list to Santa goes as follows (most days):

a bia (a doll)

Santa has already gotten everything she's getting and horses are not in his big red bag. hopefully she'll understand. 


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