Sunday, February 14, 2016

valentine's day 2016.

valentine's day falling on a sunday this year, and having 9 AM church made it easy for us to decide to celebrate on saturday. when everyone was awake, we loaded in the van and went to parson's bakery where everyone got to pick out the donut of their choice. we set the girls up downstairs, eggs on the side, and we all watched sleeping beauty together. it was the first time the girls had seen it. they loved it! kendall was worried about telling me who was "mean" and who was "nice" the whole time and i could see the stars in brooklyn's eyes as she watched 'briar rose' sing about her prince. she loved the good fairies second best though. and james and i had forgotten how much we enjoyed the movie. so win-win for all.

then it was baths, lunch, a swig run, and naps for the girls. i got ready and james relaxed until everyone was awake and we headed to city creek to pick up our valentine dinner at cheesecake factory. usually james goes alone, but because it was a saturday, we decided to make an outing of it. we walked around city creek, did a little shopping, and then waited while james went to get our food. 

by the time we were headed to the car, the girls were hungry, so we broke out our hot tinfoiled bread and enjoyed it on the way home. but as soon as we got home, it was dinner time!

this was our 5th annual valentine's candlelight dinner. brooklyn was especially excited about all of it this year. she loved dinner by candlelight, the music, the sparkling cider. it makes me more and more excited for years to come that all the girls will look forward to this every year.

dinner was delicious to say the least. the mashed potatoes were top notch and always my favorite from cf.

once we finished eating, we gave the girls their valentine gifts. bless the target dollar spot, tutus from china, and new swim suits. the girls were in heaven and had to put it all on right away! i've almost always done a new swim suit for valentine's day since brooklyn's been alive, but this will be the first year that they will actually get used within weeks of getting them. and i couldn't help but get them matching ones (not to mention, i can't pass up a $10 swim suit sale!).

so for the next hour, they ran around the house, dancing in their swim suits and tutus (or fluffies as they're known in our house), with tags still attached. james did the dishes and i got to just sit, relax, and watch them dance. it is one of my favorite memories now. i'll never forget it.

we all got in our jammies to end the night. we watched a couple disney short films, mostly to make sure we've introduced the girls to every character they could possibly run into at disneyland, but they were enjoyable nonetheless. the girls ate their little debbie fancy cakes and then we sent them to bed. james and i ended the night indulging in our cheesecake and watching parks and rec. pretty romantic i'd say. 

happy valentine's day from our family to yours! 

p.s. bump shot for the week

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