Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Snail Mail Love...

another tradition we do along with valentine's day is sending decorated cards to the girls' grandparents in the mail. who doesn't love getting mail? brooklyn LOVES to do this and she especially loves seeing her creations at her grandparents' homes when we visit. 

kendall got a little more into it this year, though she mostly just liked pulling the backs off the stickers and then putting them in her mouth.

this year was definitely rushed and late. i totally forgot about it until thursday morning. my in-laws didn't get there's (across the ocean in hawaii) until yesterday. next year, we'll be more on top of it!

brooklyn's favorite part though, is putting the cards in the mailbox. 

she was kind enough to kendall to make sure she took part in it too.

after those were mailed off, the rush continued. i had everything ready for brooklyn's preschool valentine's party, but i wanted her to do the work. she got busy cutting them out and writing her name on every single one. 15 of them. she was so proud of herself when they were all done. just for record's sake, this is what she did: (and those are little bubbles in the box)

the next day, we invited friends over to decorate the leftover sugar cookies i took to brooklyn's valentine party at preschool. we had a lot of kids, a lot of sprinkles, and the moms were able to just visit. we love being able to share these fun holiday traditions with our friends.

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