Thursday, February 25, 2016

the week before disneyland...

we leave for california tomorrow and i can hardly stand the wait! we haven't told brooklyn about disneyland yet and i honestly don't know how we didn't slip up by now. she is going to be so excited and you bet that we'll have her reaction on video. 

this past week, i've really had to keep myself busy because this trip is all i've thought about. so i've been organizing, putting winter stuff away, and decorating for easter/spring/st patrick's day. i've had the girls packed for a week, and myself mentally packed for a awhile as well. last saturday we kept ourselves busy with a sourdough pancake breakfast, an attempted oil change, picking up some groceries and odds and ends for the trip, and ending with a date night to the adult session of our stake conference.

haley was kind enough to come up and watch the girls for us. and bless her for that! while we were gone she painted the girls toe nails and it's all kendall has talked about since. "hay hay toes. pink." it's adorable and i'll be sad when the polish is gone. haley got to sleep with her that night and we all went to stake conference together. it was a good weekend.

all week, brooklyn has wanted to help with anything she can. one day she offered to pick up all the huge branches in the front yard. i didn't say no, and she loved it. then two other nights she's offered to do the dishes. i'm in heaven! but also a little worried that she's trying to grow up too fast. she is my big helper and i already count on her for so much. she really plays the role of the oldest child so well. 

i finally got around to making my favorite dinner come this time of year. i've talked about it a million times on here before but it really is a good one. tilapia, and rice topped with black beans and apple/cilantro salsa. you can find the recipe here and you should make it. tonight.

i simplified for the girls and just left the apple/cilantro salsa out of it. they gobbled it right up.

i love changing the books out in brooklyn's room. it definitely helps set the tone for the current time of year/holiday. these are some of our favorite spring/easter books mixed with a few others.

i got the mantle in the front room decorated. in about five seconds. i'm not very good at it. i thought i would just love having a mantle to decorate. turns out, it's hard for me!

almost every day for quiet time (kendall's nap time + my alone time), brooklyn chooses to do art of some kind. our kitchen table is constantly covered in art supplies and such, so i decided to set some of it out permanently for a little while. she's loved it. she loves having easy access and she's so good to put everything back where it goes. kendall also can't reach it which is a win-win.

our bags are all packed, kendall is alseep, james is reading to brooklyn (they're finishing charlotte's web), and then we're going to load the car. i don't think i'll be able to sleep tonight. i'm seriously so excited! and also, dreading the drive. i have lots of snacks and activities to attempt to keep the girls entertained but that only goes so far so ya know?

so, if you read this and you have any sort of awesome "disneyland with toddlers" tips for me, throw 'em at me! i've done hours and hours of research, but it always helps to hear from anyone who's been there done that. i'd love any tips or suggestions! 

and pray for us and we drive the long drive with two little ones and a very pregnant mama!

h a p p y  w e e k e n d !

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