Wednesday, February 15, 2012

This is how it went . . .

The holiday, Valentine's that is, started out like usual. Brookie and I were both still feeling under the weather. But, there was an excitement in the air. So, we jammed to Mindy Gledhill. It was the perfect album to put on replay for Valentine's. Especially while I got all the prep work done.

Making the house smell pretty and look romantic.

Brookie sure wasn't the biggest help with the decorating, but she sure was a great partner in taking pre-celebration pics. We both put on our Valentine colors, did our hair up very romantic like, and I put on my pearls.


James was in charge of picking up dinner. I called The Cheesecake Factory earlier in the day to call in our order. My mouth watered all day thinking about it. He had dinner and was home by 5:30 PM. We don't mess around gettin' the party started. So you bet we ate at 5:30 PM.

(this was dessert)

James enjoyed his Monterrey Burger and I enjoyed my BBQ Chicken Salad. Brooklyn was good to hang out on the floor right next to us. The Cheesecake Factory bag kept her entertained through most of dinner.

(my Valentine)

The most romantic part of our dinner/picnic were the candles all over the room, but they were much too hard to photograph. Darn it.

After we ate, we just hung out together there on the floor, listening to the love songs on our Pandora station. Most of which were from the 90's. Oh man. What a walk down memory lane. 

Brooklyn loved having our attention and especially loved that both of us were down on her level. She showed us the ropes. That little sweetie.  

(yes, my salad weighed more than Brooklyn)

We ended dinner with some family self portraits.

(we love that baby)

My parents graced us with their presence after their own Valentine's dinner. Brooklyn was happy to see them and have more company and attention. Their visit was short, but it was nice to see them and visit for a minute. Plus, my dad put Brooklyn to sleep. So sweet.

Our movie of choice was, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, with Marilyn Monroe. Funny movie. My favorite scene involved a bunch of male athletes in tiny nude colored shorts and a song. Classic. I loved it.

I would say our Valentine's Day 2012 was a success. There was decorations. There was great food. There was bubbly. There was a romantic movie. There was a chubby baby, a handsome guy, and lots of love. Oh and sugar. Definitely a success.

My night ended with a Target run. And I accidentally went out before changing into my boots. Oops.

But, I did wear my heart scarf. Ya know, to be festive.

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