Thursday, February 16, 2012

Two words

Nasal aspirator.

This thing has saved us this week. Mary Poppins suggested we use it to help Brooklyn be able to breath better. Boy. It has made all the difference.

Brooklyn, however, hates this thing. It is her mortal enemy. It has a musical feature. This is supposed to distract her from being held down, hands and head, and having her poor little nose extracted of all of its' yuckiness. Not happening. There is no distracting this little girl. 

But when all is said and done, she's happy and breathin' easy. It really has been a life saver. It's ten times better than the little bulb sucky thing they give you in the hospital. I am forever indebted to this tiny little battery powered suction contraption.

In other random news...

(all the veggies/starch before cooking 'em up)

I made a recipe I found on Pinterest for dinner. Crockpot chicken enchilada soup. Killer. Top it with tortilla chips, cheese, and sour cream and it's almost like heaven in a bowl. For real. I suggest making those recipes you pin on Pinterest. It makes meal and menu planning so much easier. I have been using two or three recipes a week that I've pinned and they have all been successful. I realize this could be risky, but so far we're enjoying the adventure. For real. Try it.

Also, give menu planning a try. It's my favorite.

So is Brooklyn's new trick.

She prefers this to crawling. It's this trick, and creeping for now. That's all.

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