Friday, February 17, 2012


with Daddy. Our day started out as usual, however, earlier than usual. So, the house was straightened and we were ready to roll before 11 AM. That's great for us. 

(pre bath)

Boy were we excited when James called to invite us up to Huntsman for lunch. Brooklyn was super excited. She told me. So we loaded in the car, false lashes and all, and made the drive up to the Huntsman campus.

Brooklyn put on quite the show for everyone she met in James' office. She grinned and cooed and just melted their hearts. We were glad she was behaving so well. It wasn't until we got up to The Point that she started to get restless and bored. She has so darn much energy. That girl. I was put in charge of entertaining her while James ordered our food. Pastrami burgers to be exact.

(our view during lunch)

The food is always excellent there, and the prices are super reasonable. I recommend it. Brooklyn was very happy for the eating part of lunch to be over so that she could explore some more. She stared at every person we passed and made lots of noises in the elevators we rode in.

(in the elevator - she loved it)

It was such a nice day that we ended it with a little walk outside. Brooklyn is feeling so much better, thank goodness, and I am about the same, but that fresh air did some good. I can't wait for spring. Oh spring. Hurry up please.

There is a hallway from the parking lot to the elevators with all sorts of pictures from different places. They're huge. I love this hallway. Brooklyn loved the texture of the pictures and wanted to touch every one on our way out. Her dad was nice and let her. 

(picture of Lake Powell)

We kissed James goodbye and drove home. Brooklyn fell asleep and made me want a nap too. So when we got home, we snuggled up and took a nice long nap. Oh my gosh it felt good. It was heaven. My warm little baby in my arms and a nap. Two of my most favorite things. I'm hoping for another nap during the long upcoming weekend. Yes.

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