Monday, February 16, 2015

valentine's week.

all last week leading up to valentine's day, there was pink candy, heart shaped sandwiches, frosting cookies with friends and cousins, and then the big traditional family valentine's dinner at home. brooklyn loved all of it.

she was obsessed with the card my mom sent for the girls. the mickey mouse clubhouse theme song has been playing non stop all week.

james has been begging all winter for a good soup or stew. so thursday night, i made a homemade beef stew that turned out to be pretty good. james loved it and that's all that matters.

friday turned into a cleaning day, which was a necessity and then when james got home from work we headed up to coalville to go watch the north summit b ball game and to have a little sleepover. it was a breath of fresh air to end the week! i got to sleep in, my mom had sourdough pancakes ready and hot for breakfast, there was sugar cookie decorating, nail painting, and just good ol holmes family fun. i love weekends like that!

later in the afternoon we headed home to get gussied up and decorated up for our family valentine's dinner. ever since i showed brooklyn past posts about this dinner, she has been so excited about it. it made this year extra fun and i already can't wait for next year! we ordered out from the cheesecake factory and while we waited for james to pick it up, we got ready and took pictures. it is rough trying to get both girls looking and smiling at the same time. this one ended up being my favorite.

the decor!

and i love these ones of them!

kendall fell asleep just as james walked in the door, so it was a peaceful dinner. i ordered alfredo because i knew brooklyn would love it, and she did. james ordered a burrito bigger than kendall and ate almost all of it. we also ordered two pieces of cheesecake that we ate one of after dinner and we saved one for after church. our best idea ever! (thanks again to my in-laws for the cheesecake factory gift cards so we could have this fabulous meal!)

she loved the sparkling cider. in fact, she drank more of it than james and i combined.

brooklyn didn't mind opening the gifts for her and kendall since kendall was napping. 

i found these darling frozen charcter finger puppets on groopdealz last month and had to have them! the details are so cute and brooklyn was excited about them so win-win! (not pictured are the dresses we gave the girls...that are for the 4th of july this summer. could not help myself!)

kendall woke up as soon as she smelled the cheesecake and wanted a few bites. we loved adding her to our family tradition this year!

it was a wonderful week, weekend, and we've loved february this far. we're getting to know neighbors and people in our new ward and it's been so nice! we are surrounded by good people that i know i'm going to get attached to and my heart will be broken to leave them. but that's life i guess. we're happy to have people to love, new friends, and mostly, happy to have two happy healthy beautiful girls who are our world!

 h a p p y  m o n d a y !

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