Tuesday, February 10, 2015


today she made her valentines for her grandparents. she was extra excited for this activity this year because now she understands what mail is and that it will get sent right to their houses. she could hardly wait! she even made a practice one on friday just for fun.

i definitely went more simple this year. i traced both of the girls' hands, one for each set of grandparents. kendall held still surprisingly well. i was shocked. brooklyn was the more wiggly one. we only did markers and a few stickers this time. 

kendall was content to just play on the floor while i helped brooklyn, until i let her hold a marker, and then she had to be right up in the action for the rest of the time. for each of brooklyn's cards, i wrote down verbatim what she said to me. i think they'll get a kick out of them!

as soon as brooklyn deemed the valentines done, she wanted to mail them right away. so we did just that.

it had been rainy and cloudy all day, but for fifteen solid minutes that sun came out and the clouds cleared. it was beautiful and warm. brooklyn was so happy to be mailing those valentines in the sunshine.

she looks so grown up.

and now she can't wait to hear that those envelopes made it all the way to hawaii and coalville.

remember last year when we did this?

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